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2009-01-28, Shimon Waronker



Shimon Waronker

Principal, Junior High School 22, Bronx

Mr. Waronker became principal of MS 22 in the Bronx after his graduation from the first cohort of the New York City Leadership Academy. MS 22 was listed as a New York City violent school and a New York State failing school.

Mr. Waronker's firm belief in the distribution of leadership led to the enlistment of the teachers in a "take back the hallways" campaign and the creation of a democratically elected student congress.

Through many other innovative and sometimes radical actions and programs, Mr. Waronker transformed MS 22 into a thriving learning community full of confidence and hope. The school was removed from both lists during his four year tenure as principal.

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Shelley Wepner, Shimon Waronker, Richard Berman

Mr. Waronker has been featured on the front page of The New York Times, and has appeared on the Today Show and CNN. He has received the Humanitarian Lamplighter Award (2008), the National Urban Alliance Award for Outstanding Leadership (2008), Brooklyn Borough President's Citation on Leadership (2008), New York State Assemblyman Camara's Recognition Award (2008), and the Bronx Judges' Commendable Mention Award (2008).