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How do I get my student ID card and parking decal?

After you have registered for courses, present your confirmation receipt (issued to you from the Registrar or Student Accounts) to Campus Security in Spellman Hall. They will create your photo ID, and you may apply for a Parking Sticker.

How do I activate my Email and/or WebAdvisor Account?

Please visit our Web Advisor and E-Mail Help page for a tutorial on activating both accounts. Important information will be available to you through these systems, such as grades, class schedules, announcements, and important deadlines.

When are classes offered?

We offer courses in the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer semesters. Registration begins in April for Summer and Fall, and in November for Winter and Spring. Most of the graduate courses run from 4:20pm – 6:50pm and 7:00pm – 9:30pm. Occasionally classes run during the daytime; however, not every program offers this option. To view the current semester schedule, please log into your WebAdvisor account.

What does provisional acceptance mean?

If you were accepted provisionally for academic reasons, you must earn a B+ or better in your first 2 Education courses and will not be allowed to continue in your program if you do not meet these provisions. If you were accepted provisionally due to missing paperwork, you will need to submit it as soon as possible to have your provisional status updated. Students with provisional acceptances are reviewed at the end of each semester/session.

What GPA do I have to maintain in order to continue in my program?

You must maintain an average of a B (cumulative GPA of 3.0) or better at the end of every semester to continue in the Masters Degree program. Grades below a C will not count towards the degree.

Where can I find out how many observation hours are required for my courses?

Please visit the Field Experience Hour Requirements page for a listing.

Can I transfer classes into my Masters Degree program?

You are allowed to transfer in up to six (6) credits but must get prior approval from the Graduate Advising Office and the chair of your department. Courses must have been taken at the graduate level within the last 3 years and earned a B+ or above.

What is the Writing Assessment and when should I take it?

All students must complete a Writing Assessment within the first six (6) required education credits. Arrangements to complete the assessment are made at the Graduate Advising office.

Students can take the writing assessment in-person or online. pdfClick here for information about taking the writing assessment online.

On the basis of the results, students may be required to successfully complete the Graduate Writing Tutorial before continuing or during the degree or program.

How long will my program take?

The traditional Masters Degree program at Manhattanville typically takes about two (2) years to complete.

How do I switch my program?

If you would like to change your program, please schedule an appointment with either your assigned advisor or an advisor in the Graduate Advising Office. A new certification evaluation may be necessary. A Program Change Form must be submitted to Graduate Advising.

What is the Comprehensive Exam/Culminating Experience and how do I know what I need to do?

All Masters Degrees conferred in New York State must include a culminating experience. At Manhattanville, final assessments differ by subject areas and include comprehensive examinations, portfolios, and/or a final project. Depending on their programs, students who are degree candidates will complete one or more of these culminating experiences (Check your program plan and consult your department chair or faculty advisor for guidelines.

Who is my advisor?

Once you have been accepted into a masters degree program, you will meet with an advisor in the Graduate Advising Office. For some programs, you will meet with your faculty advisor, however, most graduate students will meet with an advisor in Gradute Advising every semester throughout their entire program. Please call the Graduate Advising assistant at 914-323-5366 to schedule your appointment with an advisor.

Where can I go for extra help?

The Academic Resource Center, located on the ground floor of the library, provides free academic support services to all Manhattanville students. At the ARC, students may receive help, individually and in groups, in a relaxed environment, where personal needs may be met. The Academic Resource Center is located in the Library, Room G12 or at (914) 323- 5474.

Are there any services for students with disabilities?

A graduate student with a disability must identify himself/herself and present documentation to the Carin Horowitz, Director of Disability Services. Dial 914-323-7127 to arrange appropriate accommodations. The office is in Founder's Hall Room G 32B. The fax number is 914.323.5338.

How do I set up my student teaching?

Early in the semester before you would like to student teach you will need to do two (2) things:

Schedule an appointment for clearance with Graduate Advising. Please call the assistant at 914-323-5366.

Schedule an appointment to set up your student teaching placements with Kevin Roberts . Please call the assistant at 914-323-7125.

*Pay close attention to deadlines for student teaching appointments.*

Can I use my previous student teaching or field experience for my student teaching requirement in the Masters program?

No. Student teaching is a requirement for all Masters Degrees and Advanced Certificate programs. Previous student teaching credits may not transfer into your current program.

Can I use my current teaching job as my student teaching placement?

If you are teaching the subject and/or grade level in which you are getting your Masters Degree, it might be possible to use that experience as your student teaching semester. You will still need to make your arrangements with the student teaching office.

I have completed all my program requirements. What is the next step?

You must file a Request to Graduate - Notice of Intent form with Graduate Advising at the start of your last semester. It is the responsibility of all students to notify the School of Education of their intent to complete their program. Forms are available online or you may complete one in the Graduate Advising Office. Failure to submit an "Intent to Graduate" form will delay graduation until the following semester.

When can I graduate? Do you have commencement services throughout the year?

The Graduate School of Education provides three (3) opportunities a year for students to graduate with their Masters Degrees or Advanced Certificates. Students have the option to complete their programs in January, May, and August; however, commencement for graduate students is held once a year, in May.

Where and when can I get my diploma?

Diplomas are only printed once a year in May and must be ordered through the Registrar's office. Diploma order forms and commencement information will be sent to all August, January and May graduates in the beginning of the Spring semester.

What are certification co-requisites and why do I need to take more classes?

The New York State Department of Education requires all potential educators to have a well-balanced liberal arts background. All candidates for Early Childhood, Childhood, Childhood and Special Education, and TESOL will need eighteen (18) credits in one liberal arts concentration and all Middle Childhood/Adolescence Education candidates will need thirty (30) credits in the area in which they will be seeking their Masters Degree. Secondary subjects and TESOL have additional content requirements. NYS requires a letter grade of a C or better at the undergraduate level for a course to be accepted towards certification.

How and when do I apply for my certification? What is my program code?

Once you have submitted your Request to Graduate - Notice of Intent form to the Graduate Advising Office, you will receive a personalized graduation packet containing your missing requirements and reminding you of any incomplete requirements. All important certification information, including your specific program code, will be mailed to you in that packet. Do NOT apply before instructed.

Am I automatically certified once I have passed all my state exams?

No. You must go online to the New York State Education Department web site to apply for your certification. Once you have completed your Masters Degree program and all certification requirements, we will recommend you for certification. Do NOT apply before instructed.

Do I have to take all my state exams before I graduate?

No. You may graduate with your Manhattanville degree without completing your state examinations; however you will not receive certification until you have passed all of your certification exams. Please visit the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations web site for upcoming test dates and registration.

How do I get fingerprinted?

You may obtain fingerprinting cards in the Graduate Advising Office and the Student Teaching Office. An accompanying information sheet will instruct you on how to apply for your fingerprints through the website. Campus Security in Spellman Hall will take your fingerprints Monday – Friday between 9am – 4pm. Fingerprinting is required for all certification applicants as well as those doing observations and student teaching in most school districts.

Can you help me to get certified in another state?

No. The programs in the School of Education at Manhattanville College are only registered with the New York State Department of Education. There is information about certification in other states in the Graduate Advising office; however, it is best to contact the specific Department of Education in the state in which you are interested in for information about their specific certification requirements.

Is there an office on campus that can help me with my job search?

Yes. The Center for Career Development (located in Founders Hall) provides services and resources for writing resumes and cover letters, as well as interview preparation workshops. To schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor please call 914-323-5484.