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Culminating Experience and Comprehensive Exams

All masters degrees confered in New York State must include a culminating experience. Depending on their programs, students who are degree candidates, are required to complete one or more of culminating experiences as specified for their relevant program.

Different programs require comprehensive examinations at different points in the Masters degree. Comprehensive exams are administered twice each year, once in the fall and again in the spring. Students must register for the examination by the beginning of the semester in which they will take it. 

Culminating Experience Reports (CER) are required for any student doing  Childhood programs and will be due during the semester prior to student teaching.

Candidates in teaching Language Other that English must also complete the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview and Written Proficiency Test of the American Council for Teching Foreign Languages with scores of "Advanced low" or above. registration materials are acailable in Graduate Advising.

Specific requirements, inclduing specific pre-requisite courses, are stated in the program plan.

Students who do not successfully meet these requirements will not graduate and will not be recommended for certification.