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2008 Alumni Awards

Carol is the Chair of the Social Studies Department in Rye Neck High School.  Carol was nominated for this award by Dr. Barbara Ferraro, Principal of Rye Neck High School.  Carol was nominated because she embodies the mission of and practices educating students to become ethically and socially responsible leaders for the global community. Dr. Ferraro stated that every student succeeds in Carol's classes, and this is a view shared by students, parents and teachers.   Carol shares a concern for world issues that affect humanity that led her to create and advise the Student Awareness Coalition which brings information and raises consciousness regarding issues that affect humanity.   Carol also developed a popular elective course, Cultural Explorations, which was crated and is taught by Carol, celebrates diversity and promotes tolerance with a global perspective.   Dr. Ferrara summed up Carol's accomplishments by observing that Carol brings twenty seven years of joy of learning and "big smiles" to students on a daily basis.

The Innovative Teaching Award - Judy L. Toscano 

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Judy Toscano is congratulated by her nominator Marlena Roberts.

Judy is an Applied Arts & Enrichment Teacher at the Wampus School in Byram Hills and has been teaching there for eighteen years.  Judy was nominated by a fellow teacher Marlena Roberts and by her Assistant Principal Angela Garcia.  Judy submitted a proposal for an applied Arts program that would incorporate the New York State Language Arts and Theatre Arts Standards to be implemented with the entire school body.  The administration embraced this and has been in place at the Wampus School for eight years.  Judy has also spearheaded two large-scale fundraising events for the Byram Hills community: she co-wrote and directed a revue and produced and wrote an original show that incorporated a tribute to families of 9-11.

The Innovative Teaching Award (Honorable Mention) - Kathleen Harbort 

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Kathleen Hobart with nominator Dr. James Micik

Kathleen is a science teacher at the Eastern Middle School in Greenwich, CT.  Kathleen has been a teacher for 34 years.  She was nominated by Dr. James Micik who is an adjunct professor at the Mville School of Education.  Kathleen's innovative approach to teaching the sciences has earned her the reputation as one of Connecticut's outstanding educators.  She is extremely dedicated to her students and to the field of education.

The Distinguished Service Award - Barbara Flynn and Susanne McHugh 

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Susanne McHugh (L) is congratulated by President Berman while Bobbie Flynn receives congratulations from nominator Dr. Patricia Vardin

Barbara and Susanne are Co-Head Teachers at the Rye Methodist Nursery School.  They were nominated for this award by Dr. Patricia Vardin, the Chair of the Early Childhood Education Department at Manhattanville.  Susanne and Barbara helped to conceptualize, design, initiate and develop the new Early Childhood Alumni Association.  This association is a key concept and program that is part of the overall SOE Alumni program.  The Early Childhood Association has promoted alumni involvement and contributed to the networking and professional development of SOE Early Childhood alumni.  Barbara and Susanne have put in many hours of their time to developing a cohesive group and planning events and programs.  Their efforts resulted in a year of rich programming and a strong and expanding group.

The Inspirational Recent Alumni Award - Rosa I. Taylor 

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Rosa Taylor is congratulated by her nominator Dr. Eileen Santiago


Rosa is the Principal of Park Avenue Elementary School in Port Chester.  Rosa was nominated for this award by Dr. Eileen Santiago, the Principal of Thomas Edison Elementary School in Port Chester.  Rosa was appointed to the principal position last year and has already established a learning community that maintains high expectations for both adults and children while reaching out to all of the families in the community.  Rosa has been involved in the development of innovative site-based programs such as the creation of a school-based health center as well as the creation of Manhattanville's first Professional Development School at Edison.   Rosa was selected to serve as Edison's first Community School Coordinator and in this role was the founding member of one of the first full-time community schools in Westchester.  Rosa has distinguished herself as a teacher, advocate for children, and community leader.