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Alumni Awards

Manhattanville College Mission:
To educate students to become ethically and socially responsible leaders for the global community.

School Of Education Mission:
To educate candidates to become ethically and socially responsible teachers and school leaders for participation in the educational community.

Nominations will be reviewed by the SOE Alumni Awards Committee and approved by the SOE Alumni Board. Nominations may come from the candidate's students, professional peers, and/or supervisor. You may also self-nominate.  Self-nominations should be supported with recommendations from students, peers, and/or supervisors.

You may submit Alumni Award Nominations online, or if you prefer, you may submit a printed Alumni Award Nomination Form pdf form.

Award Categories and Criteria

Distinguished Service Award

Awarded to a SOE Alumnus who has contributed to the SOE through involvement in programs, events, panels, mentoring, and  "gives back" as an educator to the student community.

  • "Gives back" experience and enthusiasm to current SOE student body by speaking at workshops, events, panels
  • Volunteers time to participate in SOE events
  • Enthusiastically and consistently shares experience, knowledge, wisdom, or research with SOE students and/or mentors
  • OR Contributes gifts or raises money for SOE in the form of contributions, scholarships or awards

Valiant Educator Award

Awarded to a SOE alumnus whose career and community accomplishments reflect the Mission of Manhattanville College or the School of Education by contributing to the ethical and social growth of the population he/she serves.

  • Career accomplishments illustrate examples of promoting ethically and socially responsible leadership with his or her constituency (Birth to Grade 12 or higher students, Birth to Grade 12 or higher faculty, or others)
  • Community accomplishments reflect the candidate's commitment to promoting ethical and social growth to the population he/she serves

Inspirational Recent Alumni Award

Recognition for a young SOE graduate (within the last decade) for exceptional contributions to the  field of education and/or to the community.

  • Must have graduated from Mville Masters program in the last 10 years
  • Has made an exceptional, creative, innovative contribution to the field of education

Alumni Innovative Teaching Award

Presented to an alumnus who has demonstrated innovative teaching that positively affects PK-12, or higher education students' motivation and achievement.

  • For all Mville alumni
  • Evidence that innovative teaching addresses the diverse needs of students in the classroom
  • Evidence that innovative teaching positively affects student motivation and achievement through student comments and/or peer or principal nominations
  • Submit evidence of implementation of innovation in teaching with nomination
  • Submit assessments that demonstrate outcomes and results of students' improvements (quantitative or qualitative)
  • Submit supporting evidence from someone in the school community (colleague, principal, parents) of the impacts of innovative teaching

Alumni Scholarship Award in Education

Presented to an SOE Alumnus who has published notable scholarship in the field of education.  Scholarship includes research or publications (books, articles)

  • For all Mville SOE Alumni
  • Submit publication or research with nomination
  • Description of application of publication or research in the education field

Alumni Award for Publications in PK-12 Education

Awarded to an SOE Alumnus who has created publications that foster teaching, learning, and development tin the PK-12 setting
- children's literature
- curriculum design
- technology guides

  • For all Mville SOE Alumni
  • Submit publication information with nomination
  • Description of application and/or benefits of the publication in the PK-12 setting