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School of Education Alumni and Kapp Delta Pi Host program on the Holocaust.

The School of Education Alumni and Kappa Delta Pi hosted a workshop on “Documentation and Strategies for Teaching Through Historical Examples (with Focus on the Holocaust)” on February 6, 2013.

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 Dr. Marlene Yahalom, the  
 Director of Education for the
 American Society for Yad
 Vashem presented an
 informative, compelling, and
 touching workshop. The
 audience of 25 school district
 teachers, students, and
 faculty were impressed with
 Dr. Yahalom’s knowledge and
 passion for this subject.


One of the clear benefits of this workshop was the framework and information that she provided to participants so that they may in turn use it for their classrooms and share with students. Dr. Yahalom’s presentation on the unique perspectives of the Holocaust generated a lot of discussion and provided thought-provoking perspectives.





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