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Thomas A. Edison Full-Service Community School

Edward A. Kliszus, Superintendent 
Ivan R. Tolentino, Principal
JoAnne Ferrara,, M'ville PDS Liaison

The Edison Professional Development School, founded in 2002 by Dr. JoAnne Ferrara and Dr. Eileen Santiago, began as a shared vision for an innovative partnership that supported children's academic success while simultaneously supporting the professional growth of teacher education candidates, new teachers, and experienced teachers. As the School of Education's first Professional Development School (PDS), Edison truly sets the standard for a model of partnership that involves more than student teacher placements, and reflects on-going collaboration between higher education and the local schools in ways that are mutually beneficial to both institutions.

During its twelve years as a PDS, the Manhattanville/Edison partnership has successfully shepherded numerous teacher candidates through student teaching, hosted field placements students for a variety of activities including observations, tutoring students, co-teaching in on-site methods courses, conducting action research projects, and providing instructional support in grades K-5.

The partnership also supports and encourages both new and experienced teachers to expand their knowledge beyond their classroom doors by engaging in presentations at local and national conferences, co-authoring professional articles, and conducting action research projects with college faculty. The Manhattanville/Edison Professional Development School transforms teachers into leaders and contributes to both teacher preparation and educational research.