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R. J. Bailey School

Tahira Chase, Interim Superintendent
Kiana Washington, Interim Principal
Nikki Josephs,, M'ville PDS Liaison

Greenburgh Central School District No. 7 is a school district with a diverse student body. The diverse social, economic, and cultural heritages of our students are an asset which enrich the school life of the students and prepare them for the society in which they will live. We have a responsibility to maintain a diversity of staff and to provide for the interaction of our children in order to develop a healthy, stable, and democratic community. This demands a humanistic approach that must consider the similarities and the differences of all peoples. Top priority must also be given to preparing students for a useful career and an enriched cultural life.

Since society, in all its aspects, is ever-changing, the curriculum should reflect these changes. Students and instructional staff are encouraged to be participants in the process of change as it affects our curriculum. We also believe that the responsibility for preparing our youth for this ever-changing society must be shared with the home and other institutions in the community. The school must maintain effective communications with all socializing agencies, since our common concerns are: an intelligent, realistic preparation for the future, an atmosphere conducive to learning, and a curriculum suited to individual needs.

Youth Inspiring Youth

On Friday, December 13, 2013, Nikki Josephs, Manhattanville College Liaison, and Christopher McGilvery, President of Give More HUGS non-profit organization, held a "book signing" event at Richard J. Bailey Elementary School in Greenburgh, NY. At the book signing, each sixth grade student wrote a holiday message or words of encouragement inside of a book to be given to a second grade student at Plaza Towers Elementary School, a building destroyed by the 2013 tornadoes in Moore, Oklahoma. To watch a video of this event click here.