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Park Avenue School

Edward A. Kliszus, Superintendent
Rosa Taylor, Principal
Ruth Anne Cosgrove,, M'ville PDS Liaison

Port Chester's Park Avenue School is a full-service community school, offering a full array of social and health resources to our students and their families serving students in kindergarten through 5th grade. All offer a variety of creative programs - from the arts to technology to science - to instill a love of learning in our students. The challenging curriculum incorporates the use of technology and embraces the many cultural, corporate and natural resources available to the district because of our centralized geographic location.

Educational programs and services offered to our students reflect a quest for scholastic excellence, combined with respect and concern for the worth and development of individual students. Our mission-"Success for Every Student"-has been internalized by every teacher, administrator and staff member within our school.

Heavy emphasis is placed on literacy and math skills in the early years. Students are involved in a grade-appropriate, hands-on inquiry based science program and an after-school program that provides both academic support and enrichment. We have instituted a formal character education program that promotes respect. This year a Dual Language bi-literacy program in English and Spanish in Kindergarten opened

Park Avenue School's 5 Major Goals

  1. To raise levels of student achievement by providing increased opportunities for language and literacy development in all classrooms.  To implement this goal we intend to strengthen the ability of children to demonstrate their understanding of written and oral texts beyond the literal level through well-organized and thoughtful writing and the effective use of language mechanics.
  2. To maintain a high level of student achievement in mathematics by providing opportunities for students to solve multi-step problems, make predictions, identify arrangement and patterns, explain reasoning, draw conclusions and analyze situations.
  3. To continue to offer greater opportunities for parent and broader community involvement at Park Avenue through the implementation of a community school program.  Broader community involvement will not only enrich our instructional programs but help Park Avenue families secure the resources they will need to improve the quality of their lives and the readiness of their children to learn and experience success in school.
  4. In order to ensure a safe school environment and promote the cognitive, ethical and social-emotional growth of students.  Park Avenue will expand its efforts to implement comprehensive Character Education grades K-5.
  5. To implement the use of technology across the content areas to enable students to achieve the National Technology Standards and to use technology as a means of enhancing and modernizing communication among professions within the district, and among the school's faculty, parents and students.

Tutoring Squad
The Tutoring Squad began at Park Avenue School in the Spring 2010. Students from EDU2010: Teaching Diverse Students, go into the classroom to tutor students. With the guidance of the classroom teachers, Manhattanville students provide extra support by taking a small group or work one-on-one with the Park Avenue Students.


park ave tutor squad-395x300-amanda suiso

Tutor Squad member, Amanda Suiso reading to students


park ave tutor squad-395x300-d antonucci l locascio
Tutor Squad members Dominique Antonucci and Lauren LoCascio: Educating Diverse Learners in reading groups of second grade



park ave tutor squad-395x300-kyla guerrero

Tutor Squad member, Kyla Guerrero, from field-based course EDU 2010: Educating Diverse Learners in reading groups of second grade.


park ave tutor squad-395x300-k borho k defrance

M'ville students Kathleen Borho and & Kylie DeFrance tutoring Park Avenue Students


park ave tutor squad-395x300-lauren locasio
Lauren Locasio working one-on-one with a student


park ave tutor squad-395x300-s nasonregan
Tutor Squad member, Sage (Richmond) Nason-Regan and student