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Professional Development Schools

A Professional Development School (PDS) is a real (PreK-12) school that becomes a partner school with a college to prepare teacher candidates, provide faculty development, improve instructional practice, and enhance student learning. PDS partners share responsibilities for professional development and blend their expertise and resources to meet shared goals in a real-world setting.

Goals & Standards


  • Enhance the preparation of student teachers in ways that better prepare them for teaching in increasingly diverse schools
  • Promote and support the ongoing professional development of educators and school leaders in PDS partner schools to a) assist in enhancing institutional capacity to serve changing student populations and communities, and b) to encourage and support inquiry-based practice
  • Foster and promote the improvement of learning outcomes for students in the PDS partner schools


Professional Development School partners will:

  • Build a learning community that supports faculty development and student learning
  • Maintain accountability and responsibility to uphold professional standards for teaching and learning
  • Collaborate to develop and implement a unique college/school partnership
  • Prepare teacher candidates to meet the diverse needs of all learners
  • Ensure that structures, resources, and roles are clearly defined and used effectively