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Changing Suburbs Institute® Hispanic Parents Leadership Institute

The Changing Suburbs Institute, in collaboration with some of its partner school districts, plans and coordinates programs specifically for parents of Hispanic students in changing suburban schools. These programs provide parents with information on the US educational system and help them to be leaders in their communities as well as advocates for their children's education.

The Eighth Annual Hispanic Leadership Conference is scheduled for Friday, November 7, from 9:45 to 2:30, in Reid Castle. For more information contact the Assistant Dean for Community Outreach/Director of CSI at or 914-323-5482.

Past Leadership Conferences and Keynote Speakers

7th Annual, 2013: Carola Bracco, Executive Director of Neighbors Link in Mount Kisco.

6th Annual, 2012: David Vallodalid, President of Parents Institute for Quality Education.

5th Annual, 2011: Zoila Tazi, former principal of Park Early Childhood Center in Ossining and Associate Professor/Chair of Early Childhood, Mercy College.

4th Annual, 2010: Luisa Liliana Costa, Bank Street College of Education.

3rd Annual, 2009: Ofelia Garcia, Professor of Urban Education, City University of New York.

2nd Annual, 2008: Maria Hinojosa, award winning journalist, host of Latina USA, and Senior Correspondent for PBS; and Elba Montalvo, Executive Director of the Committee for Hispanic Children and Families, Inc.

1st Annual, 2007: David Valladolid, President of Parents Institute for Quality Education; and Andy Spano, Westchester County Executive.