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Frequently Asked Questions about the Sport Business Management Degree Program

Q: When is the application deadline?

A: There is no application deadline but we suggest completing your application at least two weeks before classes begin so that you may have time for advising and registering for classes. Please note that for the Sport Business Management program there is technically no Winter term. We will accept students to the Winter term but classes are only offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer for new students.

Q: What are the requirements to apply to the MS in Sport Business Management Program?

A:  For your application you are required to submit a resume, personal statement, two letters of recommendation, and your official undergraduate transcripts.

Q: Can the Sport Business Management internships lead to a full- time position?

A: Your internship experience is a valuable addition to your resume. While we cannot guarantee that your internship will lead to a full-time job, there have been many instances every year in which a graduate student’s internship experience leads to a promising job opportunity.

Q: Do I need to submit a GRE or GMAT score to apply to the MS in Sport Business Management Program?

A:  We do not require any test scores for admission to the Sport Business Management program.

Q: How do I apply to the Sport Business Management Program?

A: Please apply by filling out an online application here.

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