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MS in Finance

two men working on trading floorThe newly designed curriculum in Finance offers a way to acquire a valuable credential to enhance your skill set and qualifications while preparing for professional advancement. Courses are available in a convenient evening and accelerated weekend format, meaning that the 36-credit curriculum can be completed in only 2 years.

With its strong foundation in the principles and practices of finance, the curriculum, developed in consultation with industry leaders, is designed to anchor students with a culminating body of knowledge that prepares graduates to recognize, respond to, and lead change in an era of uncertainty. It focuses on the emerging concepts, modern finance theory, new practices, new applications and technologies needed to be successful in today’s changing market and includes concentrations that align with the rapidly changing “globalized” world and its new challenges.  Hiring managers are looking for graduate students who can demonstrate this kind of real world financial decision-making.

The seven required core courses (21 credits) represent the core competencies that you must be proficient in to succeed in today’s highly competitive global business environment. You then choose one of the three concentrations (12 credits) offered. Corporate finance focuses on the decision-making process used by organizations with the overriding goal of maximizing shareholder wealth, investment management focuses on the analysis of a wide range of investment assets while those who wish to play an active role on a CFO or other financial team or wish to become a CPA should take the Accounting concentration. The program culminates in a final project (3 credits) that demonstrates your ability to conduct comprehensive, applied research and articulate original ideas and thought processes.

The program is ideal for individuals who want to acquire or update their core competencies and general financial education, while equipping themselves with the specialized tools to thrive in their career path.  Courses are taught with academic rigor by an outstanding faculty who are practicing leaders in their fields and exceptional educators who bring applied experience and networking opportunities into the classroom.

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