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Worldwide theories, research, principles, and practices pertaining to the discipline of managing risk have evolved significantly over the past ten years, especially in countries such as Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Continued catastrophes have emphasized the need for more robust systems for managing risk accompanied by a highly sophisticated educational approach that supports the development of an appropriate risk mentality.

"The more complex the system, the greater the risk of systemic breakdown, but also the greater the potential for opportunity. Together, we have the foresight and collaborative spirit to shape our global future and particularly the survival instinct to move from pure urgency driven risk management to more collaborative efforts aimed at strengthening risk resilience to the benefit of global society ," stated Klaus Schwab, founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum. [1]

To meet the demand of organizations that are instituting risk management initiatives or seeking to upgrade their existing processes, the Education and Research Center for Managing Risk is developing programs and certificates to meet the growing need for formal training and education across the spectrum for risk professionals at all levels of the organization. As the CRO at a U.K.-based multinational stated, "risk management has to be run by people within the organization, with relationships and knowledge of how it works with and influences management." [2] 

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[1] Global Risks Report 2012

[2] Risk Management in a Time of Global Uncertainty. Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Report, January 2012.