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Gifts of Securities

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Tax Benefits of Your Gifts

A donor who owns appreciated securities (held more than 12 months), can benefit in two ways by making a gift of securities to Manhattanville:

  1. He or she will be able to claim a charitable income tax deduction for the full value of the shares. The deduction is limited to 30 percent of the donor's adjusted gross income in the year of the gift. As with outright gifts of cash, any amount exceeding the contribution ceiling can be carried forward and deducted for up to five more years.  
  2. The donor will avoid the capital gains tax that would have been due if he or she sold the shares.
Prior to transferring your securities to Manhattanville, please contact the Manhattanville Office of Institutional Advancement to let us know the name of the securities and the number of shares you will be gifting so that we may properly credit you for your gift:

Lekisha Simmons, 
Office of Institutional Advancement Assistant


Please consult with your tax advisor regarding the tax impact of any gift decision.

Electronic Stock Transfer Instructions (Preferred Method)

Broker: Vanguard
Contact: James R. Gorman
Address: P.O. Box 709,233, Valley Forge, PA 19482
Phone: (610) 669-0267
Fax: (610) 669-6766
College Acct#: 73222224
Account Name: Manhattanville College
DTC#: 0062
GIFT FROM:  [Insert your name here]
Please stress to your broker the necessity of providing the donor's name. Unidentified gifts cannot be linked to a donor record.

Paper Stock Certificate Transfer Procedure

Donors wishing to transfer actual stock certificates to Manhattanville College must:

Write a letter to Manhattanville College stating they are relinquishing the shares to the College. Please indicate whether the gift is to be restricted or unrestricted. The name of the stock and the number of shares being donated as well as the Manhattanville College Vanguard Brokerage Account number 73222224 must be in the letter.

The letter must be signed by all current owners of the security, and the signatures must be guaranteed. A Medallion signature guarantee verifies the authenticity of the signatures. This signature guarantee can be obtained from an authorized officer of a bank or trust company, a member of a domestic stock exchange, or another eligible guarantor as defined by Securities and Exchange Commission rules. A notary public cannot provide a signature guarantee.

  1. The stock certificate needs to be completed as follows:
  2. On the front upper right hand margin write the Manhattanville College Vanguard Brokerage account number. That number is 73222224.
  3. On the back, fill in three things:
    1. Write the words "Vanguard Brokerage Service" on the line that states, "... and do hereby irrevocably constitute and appoint_______________ Attorney to transfer the said stock on the books."
    2. Write the current date on the line that says, "Dated_____________."
    3. The owner (donor) must sign his/her name the same way that it appears on the front of the certificate. If there is more than one owner, all must sign.

Send letter and stock certificates to:

Lekisha Simmons, Office of Institutional Advancment Assistant
Manhattanville College
2900 Purchase Street
Purchase, NY 10577

For questions, contact:
Lekisha Simmons, 
Office of Institutional Advancement Assistant


Thank you for making a gift to Manhattanville.