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Alumni Testimonials

Check out some of the testimonials from our alumni on why they give back!

  • “I give to thank those that supported Manhattanville in the past. Those supporters allowed me to have the opportunity to have the unique experiences and education that only Manhattanville can offer. I give so someone else can say the same of me.”
    Jacqueline Matuza ‘03
  •  “I give back because Manhattanville gave me a huge sense of confidence. I was able to learn with an unlimited amount of resources and met many amazing people who wanted to see me succeed. I give back in hopes someone else can have the same amazing experience I did.”
    - Lindsey Van Alstyne ‘09
  •  “I give back because my goal is to see that the incoming students from all over the globe have the same chance, education, and opportunities of those before them. When you are called upon to give back to the College, think not only of yourself but of the current students and fellow alumni of Manhattanville, and pay it forward. Make the promise today to give back, to ensure the bright future of the College and its graduates.”
    - Michael C. Fanelli ‘78
  • "I give because I believe in the mission of Manhattanville. It shaped my life and I want to ensure that Manhattanville can flourish for its present and future students."
    - Helaine Smith ‘88, Manhattanville Trustee
  • "Manhattanville College's, location, size and history make it a rare and magnificent gem. Its beauty is magnified through the connections that we have made and collective experience that we share and it continues to touch our mind, body and soul if we let it.  Stewardship of something so precious is completely natural."  
    - Ani Khachian `86
  • "I give back because the memories and experiences I have from Manhattanville College are some of the best ones of my life and I want others to be able to have the chance to make a few of their own."  
    - Cristina Cordero ‘10
  •  "Giving to Manhattanville is my way of saying 'thank you'  for a wonderful education, dear friends,  spiritual treasures, caring nuns (and those cozy chats), happy memories and for the welcome scholarship which made it possible for me to attend Manhattanville.  Sending a check every November, I find Thanksgiving to be the perfect time to remember Manhattanville."
    - Elaine Edden Stillwell ‘60
  •  "I give because Manhattanville makes a difference in people's lives - it certainly had a positive effect on mine, and I want others to be able to have that experience."
    - Barb Argy '67 

Jada is a current sophomore at Manhattanville College.  She began researching Manhattanville as a junior in high school and was drawn to the small community and cultural diversity.  Jada is majoring in Political Thought, a self-designed major that incorporates course work in Political Science, Philosophy, and Communications with a minor in Sociology. She is a Duchesne Scholar, VP of Academics for Student Government, and a Fund for Manhattanville Phonathon Caller. Jada’s passion for service and learning was fueled, in part, by her internship at the Clinton Foundation Global Initiative University, where she was involved in selecting students to receive aid to help fund their initiatives to make a difference in the world. After graduating from Manhattanville, Jada plans to attend law school, achieve a master’s in public administration, and pursue a career in politics. As a current Manhattanville student, Jada experiences firsthand the impact that gifts make to our Manhattanville College community