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Celebrating Generosity

celebrating generosityManhattanville believes giving back to the College reflects the appreciation of the academic, personal, and social growth experienced by students, family and friends. Manhattanville strives to recognize all its supporters and values loyalty from alumni. Continued giving from alumni is a symbol of our graduates’ dedication to provide current and future students with the best opportunities available, just as they were offered as students.

Generosity is responsible for the addition of four new academic majors, recent renovations on campus, and numerous scholarships awarded to bright and talented students each year. These are prime examples of what is possible when alumni, parents, and friends participate in the Fund for Manhattanville and become a part of something big!

Because consistent giving provides the College with the funds needed to flourish as an institution, Manhattanville wants to reward and recognize all those who support The Valiant Effort. Learn more about how to become a member of Manhattanville’s giving societies including the President’s Circle and Sheila M. Smythe Society, and feel the impact of your gift through testimonials of students benefitting from the extensive scholarship program.