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Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee

Pre-Health Professions Committee Letter

To qualify for a Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee (PHPAC) Letter of Recommendation from Manhattanville College, a student must:

Successfully complete Principles of Biology I & II, Principles of Chemistry I & II, Organic Chemistry I & II, Physics I & II.

  • Calculus I and two semesters of English (a semester of Composition and a semester of Literature).
  • At least six (6) of these courses must have been taken at Manhattanville College.
  • Have a 3.25 GPA in the core courses listed.
  • Complete the Committee Letter Request packet, available in the Academic Advising Office.


Students must submit a complete PHPAC Letter Request Form and supply all of the requested information, including the appropriate standardized test results, by the second Friday in August that precedes application deadlines. (If the student's file is incomplete upon submission, the PHPAC will not consider him/her for a letter of recommendation.)


Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee:

PHPAC Members (Fall 2014):

Pre-Health Advisor:

ex officio 

(Be sure to contact your undergraduate institution regarding its policy for writing committee letters of recommendation for alumni.)