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Bachelor of Science in Communications Management

Program Summary

Few areas are expanding as rapidly as communication. Marshall McLuhan's prophecy of the global village has become a reality and the need for communication has assumed a central role in every aspect of our lives. The Bachelor of Science in Communication Management is an accelerated degree-completion program and requires a total of 120 credits, including 60-75 transfer credits, for graduation.

The program has been designed by professionals in the field of communications and liberal arts to provide the knowledge and skills that will prepare students for the dynamics of human interaction in the marketplace within the framework of a liberal arts education.

The program is structured around six components: Communications; The Arts; Humanities, Social Sciences; Religion/Philosophy; and Mathematics, Science & Computer Science.


The curriculum consists of twelve core courses, and electives.

Core courses are:

  1. IDS 3010 Career and Life Work Planning
  2. ENW 3013 Expository Writing
  3. COMM/MGT 3032 Understanding the Marketplace and Competition
  4. COMM/SOC 3050 Mass Media and Society
  5. COMM 3060 Seminar in Communications and Management Concepts
  6. COMM 3061 Oral Presentation and Communication
  7. COMM/IDS 3062 Written Communications in Media and Management
  8. COMM/IDS 3064 Film and Media Aesthetics and Analysis
  9. COMM 3065 Theories of Communications
  10. COMM/ART 3066 Multimedia Environments
  11. COMM 3067 Communications Industries and Information Technologies
  12. COMM/SOC 3068 Interpersonal and InterculturalCommunication
  13. COMM 3098 Final Integrative Project

Dual Degree Program
Students pursuing the accelerated bachelor's degree in Communications Management may be eligible to take advantage of a dual degree opportunity in combination with the M.S. degree in Management Communications offered by the School of Graduate & Professional Studies.