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Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Studies

Program Summary

The Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Studies is an accelerated degree completion program that provides the skills and knowledge base to meet the challenges of a broad range of careers, including teaching, social work, service fields and numerous other professions. A total of 120 credits, including 60-75 transfer credits, are required for graduation.

Designed by professionals and educators in the fields of liberal arts and behavioral studies, the program is structured around six components: Communications, Literature and the Arts, Mathematics and Science, Psychology, Sociology, Religion and Philosophy. The modular program offers evening and weekend courses. This program enables working adults to complete a Bachelor of Science degree within a two-year period.

The curriculum consists of two prerequisite, twelve core courses, and electives.

The prerequisite courses are: Introduction to Psychology and Introduction to Sociology.

Core courses are:

  1. IDS 3010 Career and Life Work Planning
  2. BIO 3024 Environmental Science
  3. BIO 3048 The Biology of Health and Illness
  4. ENW 3013 Expository Writing
  5. PHL 3042 Ethics and Social Responsibility
  6. PSY 3007 Human Development
  7. PSY 3008 Elements of Psychopathology
  8. PSY 3043 The Individual and Society
  9. PSY 3090 Social Statistics
  10. SOC 3010 Family and Society
  11. SOC 3073 Contemporary Social Issues
  12. SOC 3090 Social Research Methods
  13. IDS 3098 Final Integrative Project

Dual Degree Programs
Students pursuing an accelerated bachelor's degree in Behavioral Studies may be eligible to take advantage of dual degree opportunities in combination with the following graduate degrees:

  • MAT in Teaching
  • MS in Organizational Management & Human Resource Development