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March 2010

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  • Welcome & Introduction: Christine Hughes, Director of Alumni Relations
  • Mission & Goals- Committee Chairs, Ryan Beaudry '08 & Jennifer Griffin '07
  • Mission: Cultivate lifelong engagement involvement between young alumni and Manhattanville College
  • Short term goals: Implement Young Alumni Focus on existing schedule of events; Plan collaborative networking/mentoring events with recent alumni and current students; Encourage financial stewardship
  • Committee Member Introductions
  • Meeting Schedule-Once a month, proposed: Second Thursday of each month. (March 11th, April 8th, May 13th, June10th, July 8th)
  • Quad Jam: Kickoff Event
    Saturday, April 24th
    Headliner TBA
    Input from committee of events for the day/location of set up
    Giveaway (young alumni society t-shirt)
    What can we do to promote interaction of alumni with each other/with student?


Call to order

The Young Alumni Society Co-Chairs called to order the first meeting of the Young Alumni Society Leadership Committee at 7:00 pm on 3/11/10 in the East Library.

Roll call

The following persons were present: Ryan Beaudry '08 (Co-Chair), Jennifer Griffin '07 (Co-Chair & Alumni Relations Officer), Christine Hughes (Director of Alumni Relations), Liz Baldini '09 (Alumni Relations Assistant), John Galgano '00, Jackie Matuza '03, Jeremy Wilson '03, Pat Scanlon '03, Amanda Kis '07, Sekai Ndemanga '08, Stefany Bello-Lopez '09, & Amanda Minck '10

Mission & Goals

Mission: Cultivate lifelong engagement and involvement between young alumni and Manhattanville College.

This committee will help shape our vision and build the future.
  • We hope to incorporate a Young Alumni component into Alumni events all year round.
  • We want to allow networking opportunities for Young Alumni to communicate with other alumni and students.
  • We would like to encourage Young Alumni to help give back to Manhattanville both as volunteer leaders and financial supporters. It is not about the amount, it is about participation.

Meeting Schedule

  • Young Alumni Society Leadership Committee meetings will be held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7pm. (4/8, 5/13, 6/10, 7/8)
    *Please note* Phone conference option is available for committee members who cannot attend.

Branding Logo

  • In regards to the Young Alumni Society Logo, there were mixed reviews. The committee consensus is that the Castle is the universal link to Manhattanville. There is also the possibility of the Valiant being included in the logo.
  • The Young Alumni Society Leadership Committee has been given the option to contact fellow alumni who can design a logo by April 2nd. Once the potential logos have been submitted by the deadline, the Committee will vote on the logo they wish to use as the Young Alumni Society branding at the next meeting (April 8th).

Upcoming Events

  • Quad Jam will be used as the "kick off" event for the Young Alumni Society.
  • McFadden's Happy Hour Event, New York City, on May 7, 2010 will incorporate Young Alumni Society.

Quad Jam - April 24, 2010

  • Quad Jam will serve as the Young Alumni Society "kick off" event. Quad Jam is one of the most well known events, so it is important that we enforce the branding of the Young Alumni Society.
  • The Alumni Office will be providing Alumni with Young Alumni Society t-shirts and discounted meal tickets.

Other suggestions for a greater draw:

  • Include Alumni in Class Wars with students (tug of war- Alumni vs. Seniors, eating contest, potato sack races, etc.)
  • "Backstage with Alumni" exclusive feature for Alumni Only in the castle including: cash bar/open bar, backstage passes (will receive at check in table), class photos, finger foods, possible meet & greet with the talent (will be limited as first come first serve). Discussion of fee (approximately $5) or all inclusive fee (includes meal ticket and admission to "Backstage with Alumni")
  • Valiant Bus available to pick up and drop off Alumni at White Plains train station throughout the day.
  • Committee Members will help promote Quad Jam on Facebook- Alumni Office will create Quad Jam Events page
  • Committee Members should bring certain amount of Alumni with them to the event
  • Location of Alumni Relations & Young Alumni Society Table will be publicized in all communications. Here, the Alumni will check in, receive their Young Alumni Society t-shirts, and discounted meal tickets.

Next Meeting: April 8, 2010

Please provide some feedback from:
Mission Statement & Goals
Brand Logo-  Deadline for design suggestions 4/2
Suggestions for other Young Alumni Society Leadership Committee Members
Ideas to help promote Quad Jam as the "kick off" event