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April 2010

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  • Welcome
  • Mission & Goals- Ryan Beaudry '08 & Jennifer Griffin '07 
    • Mission: Cultivate lifelong engagement involvement between young alumni and Manhattanville College
    • Short term goals:
      • Implement Young Alumni Focus on existing schedule of events
      • Plan collaborative networking/mentoring events with recent alumni and current students
      • Encourage financial stewardship
    • Comments/Vote
  • Logo designs/ Branding: Discussion & Vote
  • Quad Jam: Kickoff Event
    • Saturday, April 24th 
    • Headliner: Fabolous & Reel Big Fish
    • Meals: Alumni discount $7.50 adult/$5.50 children
    • Activities: Tug-of-war vs. Winning Class, Alumni Beer Garden on Castle Terrace (Each alumni in attendance will receive 2 complimentary drink tickets, cash bar available for guests over 21)
    • Fundraising: Give a donation (any amount) and receive a special gift (YAS car decal/bumper sticker/other)
    • Comments/suggestions
  • NYC Club Event: McFadden's NYC
    • Friday, May 7th, Happy Hour Event, $20 ticket
    • Food, open bar: top shelf liquor, beer, wine, soda
    • Young Alumni communications
  • Open Discussion
  • Conclusion
    • Agenda for next meeting


Call to order

The Young Alumni Society Co-Chairs called to order the second meeting of the Young Alumni Society Leadership Committee at 7:00 pm on 4/8/10 in the Conference Room of the Berman Student Center.

Roll call

The following persons were present: Ryan Beaudry '08 (Co-Chair), Jennifer  Griffin '07 (Co-Chair & Alumni Relations Officer), Liz Baldini '09 (Alumni Relations Assistant), Jackie Matuza '03, Michelle Aquino '06,  Alanna Nolan '06, Kevin O'Rourke '06, Amanda Kis '07, Inna Kupriyanova '07, Meghan Bergman '08, Lindsey Keller '08, Sekai Ndemanga '08, David Bedard '09, Katie Cariello '10, & Amanda Minck '10

Mission & Goals

Mission: Cultivate lifelong engagement and involvement between young alumni and Manhattanville College.

Short Term Goals:

  • Implement Young Alumni Focus on existing schedule of events
  • Plan collaborative networking/mentoring events with recent alumni and current students
  • INCREASE financial stewardship

Branding Logo

There were some new submissions for the potential Young Alumni Society Logo. The committee has chosen the design submitted by Mark Garcia '05. (Please see website for logo).

This new logo will be incorporated on all Young Alumni Society Branding and will also be used on Quad Jam t-shirts for Y.A.S. Committee Members.

Quad Jam: Saturday, April 24, 2010

Headliners:  Fabolous & Reel Big Fish

Alumni Beer Garden:  The Young Alumni Society & the Alumni Office will be hosting an Alumni Beer Garden. This will be a sectioned off area specifically designated for alumni and their guests. The area will be located on the Castle Terrace. This location is convenient because it is close to the Quad and there will also be a Women's lacrosse game and Men's Baseball game taking place.

Alumni will be given two tickets for complimentary drinks. There will be a cash bar for guests.

Guest Policy:  Due to expenses, crowd control, and it being the kickoff event for the Young Alumni Society, the Alumni Office has limited the guest policy to one guest per person (and families are limited to immediate family members only).

Financial Stewardship:  The importance of the Young Alumni Society is to boost participation numbers. The monies raised will be contributed towards the Annual Fund.

At Quad Jam, the Young Alumni Society Leadership Committee will go around to alumni spreading the word about the Young Alumni Society and the importance of giving back to the College, regardless of amount.

Pledge cards will be located on a table at the Alumni Beer Garden. The table will be stationed with different Young Alumni Society Leadership Committee Members throughout the day. Here, alumni can fill out a card saying "I donated because..." and will mention the reason why they are giving back to Manhattanville. David Bedard '09 will transfer these to a PowerPoint presentation that will loop throughout the day (and will later be posted on the website). Also at this table, alumni who make a contribution will be given a Young Alumni Society giveaway. The giveaway will be a can koozi that says "Thank you" w/ the Young Alumni Society Logo.

At the registration table (from 3pm-8pm), the Alumni Office will provide alumni with two complimentary drinks at the "Alumni Beer Garden" and discounted meal tickets ($7.50 Adults/ $5.50 Children).

Alumni included in Class Wars with students (tug of war- Alumni vs. Students)

Upcoming Young Alumni Society Events:

McFadden's Happy Hour: 
Happy Hour at McFadden's Restaurant & Saloon in New York City will be the next event with the Young Alumni Society component.

  • Friday, May 7th
  • 5:30-8:30pm
  • $20 per person will be the cost for alumni
  • Facebook page will be created