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Trevoy Pointer `12

Trevou PointerTrevoy Pointer `12
Marketing Manager, Tru Def

Since graduation I’ve had a few achievements. A few weeks after graduation, I dove right into the entrepreneurial realms by failing at my first business. My business plan was based on a cool and frugal way for college kids to pre-plan their vacations. Reminiscing of college days, I recalled that when it came time to spring break, many of my peers did not have the money to go away on vacation with friends, and often turned to their parents for support. What if there was an easy-to-use website that could help college students budget how much money they anticipated they would need for the trip, in order to effectively budget their once in a lifetime vacations. It would be a win-win for students and parents, right? I wrote a business plan (even thought ahead to protect it from those “idea stealers!”), and connected with business professionals to seek their advice. With their counsel, I realized that I was not prepared financially to fund the project. It was a lesson learned, a $300 lesson to be more specific, but one that in hind-sight I realize was a great learning experience and one that I was glad to learn at only age 22.

Fast-forward a few years later, I have multiple titles! I am a dream-chaser and I believe every single individual should pursue the career path they want and not settle for the career that’s available. Currently, I work for Nationstar Mortgage as a Foreclosure Analyst and I’m grateful to be one of the recent grads to have found a reasonable paying job. My ultimate goal, after going to the NBA, has always been to build a brand from its inception and bring the brand into fruition. Besides being an analyst, my profound efforts go to marketing and taking the role of manager for the music artist Tru Def . We have been working together since February 2013 and have achieved some great success, and continue to strive upward. We co-founded a clothing line named “Aufstand” and together, we handle all areas operation. Lastly, I am working on starting my own basketball clinic that focuses on teaching teenagers the fundamentals of basketball and for a very affordable price. To learn more about the Tru Def or the clothing line, go to

trevoymavs picWhat being an alumnus means to me...

Manhattanville was one of the most pivotal moves I’ve ever made. I can’t believe I almost overlooked the opportunity back in 2008. Attending Manhattanville has made me the person I am today! The diversity of the school allowed me to comfortably communicate and relate to all races and ethnicities. The volunteer programs instilled a need for me to help people in need. I had to balance my bi-weekly check of $80 and try not to spend it all on a Saturday in the city. Being in a large social environment with other students and learning how to adapt and live on my own was awesome and helpful. And most importantly, I met professors and my coach who’ve served a great purpose in my life. There are some individuals that I will never forget! Manhattanville was a great experience and always will be.