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Frederick Cruickshank '85

Fred CruickshankFrederick Cruickshank '85

Frederick's Bio

What Being a Manhattanville Alumnus Means to Me:

It is with great fondness that I look back on my years at Manhattanville College.

Growing up in suburban Miami my brothers and I spent many summer vacations with my aunt in Purchase, and I was always mesmerized seeing "The Castle" as we drove past the campus; coming to Manhattanville as a student seemed to complete that journey.

What I most value from my Manhattanville experience is the closeness of the community and the fact that as a student I was exposed to so many different cultural identities, making one appreciate and respect others with a true sensitivity to what makes each of us different, from religious beliefs to political opinions to sexual orientation. Manhattanville fosters an environment in which diversity is applauded, allowing each of us to make a contribution in our own special way to improve our lives as well as the lives of those around us.

As a child, my innocent desire to become a doctor was so that I could make my grandmother young again and keep her with me forever; what she told me then has stayed with me to this day, that when I do become that doctor I can never refuse to treat anyone, regardless of whether they can afford to pay me or not, that each of us has a right to health and happiness.

In my life now as a physician specializing in HIV medicine I encounter and embrace the extremes of the social strata, from the mentally disturbed homeless person to the well heeled corporate executive to the single mother trying to get by on a limited income, and all receive the best care possible, regardless of their station in life.

Manhattanville taught me to appreciate diversity and uniqueness, and that is an education that  will always remain with me.



Manhattanville College 1985 - BA Biology

St. George's University 1995 - MD

Seton Hall University - Internal Medicine Residency

University of Miami - Infectious Diseases Fellowship

Work Experience

First job after M'ville - worked as an editor on a Russian physics journal

Mt Sinai School of Medicine (prior to starting medical school) - did biochemistry research on connective tissue diseases; co-author on several published papers in the field

After ID Fellowship was in private practice and medical director of county HIV clinic in FL

In 2006, moved to Charlotte, NC to manage HIV division of a large ID practice; ended up buying the practice and establishing "Rosedale Infectious Diseases"; started with around 500 patients and now have over 1700 patients

  • Actively involved in HIV research as a Principal Investigator for clinical trials dealing with new anti-HIV medications
  • Member of pharmaceutical company advisory boards dealing with HIV issues
  • Associated with Jeanne White (mother of Ryan White; AIDs activist) who speaks for our clinic and is involved with our patient food pantry
  • Associated with Olympic diver Greg Louganis who has teamed with us to form a pet charity for HIV patients and their animals
  • Member of various medical societies including International AIDs Society, International Association of Physicians in AIDs CARE, Infectious Diseases Society of America