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Michael Mooney '09

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Senior RSA
Standard & Poor's

Michael's Bio

What being an alumnus means to me...

 Graduating from Manhattanville is something that I am very proud of. Manhattanville is a very unique school because of how small, yet diverse it really is. It amazes me when people ask me "where did you go to college?" and when I reply "Manhattanville College" how many of them actually know where it is and say "oh that's a good school!" I am also impressed with how many successful alumni have had come out of Manhattanville and have helped put this college on the map. As a fellow alumnus, they are people that we should all be proud of.

However, the most important thing I took out of attending Manhattanville was the friendships I have developed with my fellow students and faculty through the years that I was a student there. This is especially true with my former Valiant baseball teammates. Being a former captain of the baseball team, I have tried to come back as much as possible and keep in touch with as many people as I can. You develop a special bond while you are here and really make some great friends for life. These are people that I would have never met if I had attended any other school.

Ever since graduating, I have always looked out for what is happening at Manhattanville. Since I have known this school, it is a college that is continuously growing. I hope to continue to see this college succeed in the future, which I have the utmost confidence that it will.

Michael's Bio

As a graduate of Mahopac High School, I chose Manhattanville College because of its location, business management reputation, and its baseball program. I have played baseball my entire life. My biggest achievement was winning the American Legion New York State championship in 2005. While at Manhattanville, I also was a part of one Skyline Conference championship and two regular season Freedom Conference championships.

Since graduating Manhattanville in May 2009, I started working at Standard & Poor's in September 2009. For over two years now, I have worked as an analyst in their public finance department in the State & Local Government group, rating municipal bonds. I am an analyst that specifically works on rating credits in the East Region. This job includes meeting various mayors, superintendents, and other board members from the variety of credits that we rate and in my opinion, it gives you a good perspective on different places throughout the country. I was also recently promoted to a Senior RSA earlier this month.

During my two years at Standard & Poor's, I have also been a part of two New York City Corporate Sports league softball championships and have co-captained one S&P basketball championship. As a result, our basketball team is scheduled to play at Madison Square Garden in November 2011, which has been a lifelong dream of mine that is finally going to come true.