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Abbey Lombardo-Kumar ’04 MEd ’10

Abbey Kumar_headshotAbbey Lombardo-Kumar ’04 MEd ’10

Little Learners Studio

Manhattanville College provided Kumar with a great foundation from which she was able to build her own path. Taking a variety of courses such as Educational Leadership and School Law allowed her to see beyond the basics. 

Jo Alcorn `04

Jo Alcorn_webJo Alcorn `04
Interior Designer

There are many things that made Alcorn’s college years significant. Coming from a small town in Canada, meeting people from all around the world broadened Alcorn’s horizons and expanded her creative mind.

Charlie Massimo `84

Charlie MassimoCharlie Massimo `84

President and Founder of CJM Wealth Management

"Looking back, I realize the value a Liberal Arts education, offering a diverse learning and social experience, has had on my life. Providing a culture that afforded me the opportunity to express myself in my own unique way, coupled with an excellent academic focus, has shaped me into the successful business owner, community leader, husband and father that I am today."

Congratulations to Charlie upon the completion of his first book, Getting Off The Street – Sane Investment Advice from One of the Nation’s Leading Wealth Managers. Click here to view the press release.

Fred Camillo `96, MAT `02

Fred Camillo3The Honorable Fred Camillo `96, MAT `02

Connecticut State Representative

"...I also believe the portfolio program helped me immensely as I was a non-traditional, full time student juggling a full-time job as a small business owner, a member of my local legislature, and in need of the guidance it provided to me."

Christine Germano Bonarrigo `73

Christine Bonarrigo_webChristine Bonarrigo `73

"Manhattanville taught us to listen to each other as we strove to find our place in the tumultuous world of the early 70’s.  It taught us that women can and would do anything they set their minds to doing."

Congratulations to Christine on receiving the Susan Goldberg Teaching Award from the Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center

Hakim Mulraine '96

hakim mulraineHakim Mulraine '96

"As a graduate of Manhattanville College '96, I can't help but think about the role that Manhattanville has played on my professional and personal life."



Janet Corvini '76

Janet Corvini Picture Janet Corvini '76
Music Educator and Clarinetist

"They (the Faculty) helped me to shape my philosophy of education and have served as role models for me during my teaching career."

Joe Barney '81

Joe BarneyJoe Barney '81
Comedy Entertainer, Clown, Magician, Ringmaster, & MC

"I realize now that my life has been shaped by the time I spent at Manhattanville."

Liam McKiernan '01

liam mckernonLiam McKiernan '01
Production Manager, MTV Networks

"Manhattanville's core curriculum allowed me to explore subjects that I was truly interested in."

Michelle Aquino '06

michelle aquinoMichelle Aquino '06

Advancement Associate, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research
& Founder, "Party for a Change"

"I am proud to be a Valiant. And I am honored to be a part of such a community that has allowed me to grow, not only academically, but as a better person."

Kitty Pilgrim '76

K Pilgrim small Kitty Pilgrim '76
CNN Anchor, Journalist & Author

"Manhattanville was very nurturing in that it gave me the strength, confidence and tools to succeed in later life."

Ceci Sullivan Murray '60

Ceci MurrayCeci Sullivan Murray '60

"Our class was a transitional class on the cusp of the volatile sixties and leaving behind the traditional fifties. We were a bridge to the future, feminism, working women and many changes on the national stage."

Frederick Cruickshank '85

Fred CruickshankFrederick Cruickshank '85
Medical Practice Industry

"Manhattanville fosters an environment in which diversity is applauded, allowing each of us to make a contribution in our own special way to improve our lives as well as the lives of those around us."


Kathleen Balet Hill '62

Kathleen HillKathleen Balet Hill


"It (Manhattanville) prepared us for a lifetime of concern for social justice and civil rights."

Lynn Cronin '73

Lynn Cronin Lynn Cronin '73
Author & Human Resources Consultant

 "The time and place of my undergraduate education deeply informed my concepts of gender and work relationships."


Patricia Houf Wheelhouse '92

patricia wheelhousePatricia Houf Wheelhouse '92
Director of Music & Fine Arts Churchville-Chili Central School District
Founder of Westchester County Arts Leadership Association (WCALA)

"In addition to the formal educational experiences I had at Manhattanville, I was able to take part in musical theatre productions, I debuted an original choral/orchestral setting of The Magnificat on one of the Christmas choral concerts in the chapel, and I conducted the Manhattanville Community Orchestra as a student conductor."


Pat Scanlon '03, MS '09

Pat ScanlonPat Scanlon '03, MS '09
Interim Dean of Students
Men's Head Basketball Coach
Manhattanville College

 "I really cherish the opportunity to teach our players about what it means to be a Valiant."

Renee Perigard Milstein `93

Renee MilsteinRenee Perigard Milstein
Operations Manager

Class Co-Chair & Reunion Co-Chair

"It’s important to me to be involved because I believe in the mission of Manhattanville, and I want to give back to the institution that gave me so much."

Read about Renee's story!

Sook Nyul Choi '62

Sook Nuyl_ChoiSook Nyul Choi '62
Author, Lecturer, & Educator

"The Manhattanville community provided a safe and strong center for me from which to explore my interests and passions with the confidence and conviction that I could accomplish any of my dreams -- no matter the obstacles."

Tina Sloan McPherson '65

Tina McPhersonTina Sloan McPherson '65
Author & Actress

"... my career as an actress and as a writer and some of my closest friends evolved from my Manhattanville days."

Michael Mooney '09

Michael Mooney websiteMichael Mooney '09

Senior RSA
Standard & Poor's

"The most important thing I took out of attending Manhattanville was the friendships I have developed with my fellow students and faculty through the years that I was a student there."

Theresa Kelleher `71

t. kelleherM. Theresa "Terry" Kelleher `71

Professor, Manhattanville College

"I continue to value Manhattanville as a place where I, as a faculty member, can continue its tradition of introducing students to the riches of the larger Asian world."

Congratulations to Terry on the launch of her new book, "The Journal of Wu Yubi: The Path to Sagehood"

Susan Antilla `76

Susan AntillaSusan Antilla `76
Journalist and Author

"The education I got at Manhattanville helped give me the analytical tools and mindset to ask the right questions, and care about what I consider the important things."

Read Susan's Story

View Susan's Website

Follow Susan on Twitter @antillaview

Christine Fusillo '72

christine fusillo In Memoriam

Christine Fusillo '72

"I hope it makes you happy to know that I am pleased with my life and my place in it."

Introducing The Dr. Christine Fuillo '72 Memorial Scholarship

Krystina Bailey `11

Krystina BaileyKrystina Bailey `11
Performer and Educator

“People are impressed when they see the two resumes for each of my skill sets within theater, film, as well as education that Manhattanville has allowed me to build within my four years. Manhattaville could not have prepared me more for the knowledge, organization, collaboration and future planning that has happened thus far and will continue to happen in the future!”

Read about Krystina's story!

Julia Huiskamp DC `57

Julia HuiskampJulia Huiskamp DC `57
Social Work

"The rigorous scholarship demanded at Manhattanville has also stood me well when developing arguments for social advocacy.  Manhattanville was not about the superficial.  Life is not about the superficial. How great to have learned that lesson in college!"

Congratulations to Sister Huiskamp and the Class of 1957 as they celebrated their 55th Reunion this June!

Jennifer Odell `93

Jen OdellJennifer Odell `93
Shady Day Inc. President/Co-founder

“To me, Manhattanville will always represent the beginning of my adult life - providing me with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in my career in corporate America and later to start my own business.” 

Mary Kay Tracy Farley `57

MaryKayTracyIn Memoriam

Mary Kay Tracy Farley, Class of 1957

February 7, 1935 – July 29, 2014 

It is with our deepest condolences that we announce the passing of Mary Kay Tracy Farley, Class of 1957, on July 29, 2014 after a valiant battle with pancreatic cancer.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Mary Kay Tracy Farley, as well as her friends and classmates from the Class of 1957. We are so grateful to have had the pleasure of working closely with Mrs. Farley and will cherish the memories of her time at Manhattanville.

Click on the link below to read more about Mary Kay and her long-standing dedication to Manhattanville.

Sebastian Oddo '07

Sebastian OddoSebastian Oddo '07
Author, Digital Producer

"Manhattanville inspired me to give back, help others and never give up."

Congratulations to Sebastian and the Class of 2007 who celebrated their 5th Reunion!

Isabel Villar '72

Isabel Villar Isabel Villar '72
Executive Director, El Centro Hispano, Inc.

"Receiving a scholarship to Manhattanville only 2 years after my arrival in the US meant much more to me than just the opportunity to pursue higher education. My academic studies, outside activities, and relationships with professors and fellow students all inspired me to expand my horizons and helped me become part of the fabric of America's multicultural society."

Adam Rodriguez' 02

Adam RodriguezAdam Rodriguez '02
Senior Assistant County Attorney for Westchester, NY

"There are two components essential to the fulfillment of Mville's mission—service and diversity. Manhattanville's focus on the former molded me as an individual and set the trajectory of my professional career toward government service, while its diverse community prepared me to better respond to the varied situations that arise in the course of my service.

Casey Killard '07, MAT '11

Casey KillardCasey Killard '07, MAT '11
Athletic Director, Coach, & Physical Educator

"My coaches were mindful of Manhattanville's mission to educate 'ethically and socially responsible leaders' and with that mindset instilled, our team was successful both on and off the field."

Congratulations to Casey and the Class of 2007 as they celebrated their 5th Reunion

Kiamesha Colom `02

Kiamesha ColomKiamesha Colom `02


"The values that Manhattanville instills and fosters unto its students are the same values that I continue to practice each day of my life."

Read about Kiamesha's Story!

Congratulations to Kiamesha & the Class of 2002 as they celebrated their 10th Reunion!

Amanda Kis `07

Amanda Kis Alumni SpotlightAmanda Kis `07


Manhattanville Young Alumni Society Co-Chair & Class of 2007 Reunion Committee

"Manhattanville provided me with the freedom and support to blossom  into the person I have become today."

Congratulations to Amanda and the Class of 2007 as they celebrated their 5th Reunion!

Allison Faber Nunez `87

Allison NunezAllison Faber Nunez `87

Class Co-Chair
25th Reunion Committee

"While in college, I found my love for diverse cultures and English language learners from participating in clubs and social events on campus."

Learn about Allison's story!

Congratulations to Allison & the Class of 1987 who recently celebrated their 25th Reunion!

John Edelman `88

John EdelmanJohn Edelman `88
President and CEO
Design Within Reach


"I think that the liberal arts education that Manhattanville College gave me prepared me for the rest of my life."

Meto Koloski `05

Meto Koloski, Class of 2005Meto Koloski `05
Co-Founder & President
United Macedonian Diaspora 

Class Chair-Class of 2005

"Mville taught me a great deal in social action and advocacy and it was during my junior/senior at Mville that I helped co-found the United Macedonian Diaspora – an organization fighting for the recognition and human rights of Macedonians living in Southeast Europe and in other parts of the world."

Stephanie Wanzer `91

Stephanie WanzerStephanie Wanzer `91
Special Educator

Class Co-Chair, Class of 1991

"Manhattanville gave me the opportunity to experience a liberal arts education that presented me with diverse perspectives, thoughtful ideas, and has given me the ability to express my voice in education policy."

Read about Stephanie's Spotlight!

LaToya Brooks `10

LaToya BrooksLaToya Brooks `10
Knicks City Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Instructor

"While finishing my senior year, getting through my first year with the Knicks was a challenge. It made me more responsible, strengthened my work ethic and was an eye opener as to what the realm of the dance world entails. I was able to take what I was learning in the classroom and use it in the present."

Read about LaToya's Spotlight!

Andy Pelosi `86

Andy PelosiPresident/Founder and Director of The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus

"Manhattanville provided me with a special opportunity to become exposed to a diverse community of young people, while nurturing a commitment to work in the area of social justice."

On April 10th, Andy led the discussion "After Sandy Hook- What Can You Do?" on Campus. Click here to view more information about this special presentation.

Laura Spincola Moore `93

Laura Spincola Moore `93
Consultant, Educator & Volunteer

Class Co-Chair & Reunion Co-Chair

"Manhattanville has changed in as many ways as it has remained the same and I cannot wait for the class of '93 to get back on campus and see the old and familiar mixed with the new and exciting."

Read about Laura's story!

Laura and John Galgano

Laura and John GalganoLaura Meade Galgano `99
John Galgano `00

“In a way, Manhattanville IS our story. It’s where we met; where we got to know each other. We ran in different circles on campus but our love for and involvement in music kept bringing us together. I knew the minute I saw her that I had to find a way to ask her out. “ –John

“There is a feeling I get (every time I come back to campus) that I can’t get anywhere else. Not only is it where John and I met and where our relationship grew, but there is also a spirit of calm and love that pervades Mville. Seeing the Castle always puts a smile on my face, in no small part because John proposed to me on top of Reid Castle on Thanksgiving Day in 2005!” -Laura

John & Laura shared with us their love story and how Manhattanville brought them together in our special Valentine's Alumni Spotlight. Click here to read their special story.

Joseph Narus `86

Joe NarusJoseph B. Narus `86
Alumni Association Board President
Nurse Practitioner

"I am thrilled to serve the alumni community as President of the Alumni Association Board of Directors and look forward to working with the Offices of Institutional Advancement, Development, and Alumni Relations and Annual Giving to reunite my fellow alumni with current students, faculty, administration and mostly importantly, one another."

Nikhil Kumar `05, MS `09

Nikhil websiteNikhil Kumar ‘05, MS ‘09
Vice President, Undergraduate Enrollment Management
Manhattanville College


"Over the years first as a student and now in a role to help make a positive impact on the students and college community as a whole, I have been fortunate to be given the opportunity and am excited to help continue the strong tradition and values we embody as an institution."

Danielle Summons `11

DreamgirlsDanielle Summons `11


"I am most grateful for all of my professors and teachers at Manhattanville who introduced me to a world of professionalism, slight perfectionism and a work ethic that has allowed me to stand out amongst many other talented artists."

Congratulations to Danielle who starred in Dreamgirls in Bridgeport, CT from January 17-21, 2014

Christina Storm `74

Christina StormChristina Storm `74
Lawyer and Founder, Lawyers Without Borders 

"At Manhattanville I learned to think and write, to question, challenge and problem solve in a thoughtful logical way. Those who know me well say that is the strength I bring to my work at LWOB, where daily we tackle daunting obstacles to implementing rule of law, gender equity and support for those most underserved in our world." 

Congratulations to Christina on her special recognition of being named one of the top 500 Leading Lawyers in America!

Trevoy Pointer `12

Trevou PointerTrevoy Pointer `12
Marketing Manager, Tru Def 

"The diversity of Manhattanville allowed me to comfortably communicate and relate to all races and ethnicities. The volunteer programs instilled a need for me to help people in need."

David Bedard `09

Bedard HeadshotDavid Bédard `09

Educator and Volunteer
Manhattanville Young Alumni Society Member


"From knowledgeable professors who truly cared and believed in what they were teaching; to the helpful staff who provided guidance and opportunities; to friendships I know will last a lifetime - I owe Manhattanville a lot."