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New Alumni Publication, "Revisioning Mission: The Future of Catholic Higher Education"


suzanne wilcoxI am writing with pleasure to let you know that my husband (Dr. John Wilcox) and I, along with Dr. Jennifer Lindholm of UCLA, have just published the book, Revisioning Mission: The Future of Catholic Higher Education.

Our book addresses the challenge currently facing Catholic higher education, that of keeping the mission alive and the essential charism functioning as the number of religious women and men declines.  At the present time, Catholic institutions are staffed by lay people of every conceivable religious denomination.  It is our conviction that a mission group of committed people, living a spiritual life and gathered in community, can provide the necessary continuity.  Dr. John Wilcox lays out the richness of the Catholic intellectual tradition and the practicality of relying on the charism of the founding order: Jesuit, Benedictine, Dominican, Mercy, Lasallian, Sacred Heart. Dr. Lindholm surveys the research on student spirituality.  Dr. Suzanne Wilcox, in her chapter "Wayfaring at the University: Adult Spirituality," makes use of a Buddhist tale to trace the spiritual journey.

The book is available through Amazon, both in paperback and kindle format. 

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