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The Connie Hogarth Center for Social Action

The Center works to educate students on the importance of planned action toward social change.  We train students to educate, activate and agitate for that positive change as we work toward an equitable, just, nonracist and environmentally sustainable world.
The students at the Center develop  programs with leading activists and educators as speakers, a number of whom are on the Board of the Center.
The students run seminar series and hands-on programs of action including organizing and participating in rallies and demonstrations, locally and in New York City, Washington, D.C. and Ft. Bennng, Ga.
These activities help to develop  students’  appreciation of activism  in working toward the Center goals:  peace, nonviolence, civil liberties and civil rights,  economic and environmental justice and gender justice.   An appreciation of the role of the arts--music, poetry, theatre and graphic arts--  toward social change is encouraged and fostered through programs with performers, artists and the annual Peace Concert.
2014 will be the sixteenth year of the Center’s work at Manhattanville College under the guidance of Connie Hogarth.

For more information please visit the Connie Hogarth main website at http://conniehogarth.org/.