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(Work In Progress:)

  1. Select a few small, accomplishable projects to get the ball rolling and increase involvement.
  2. Develop interdisciplinary sustainability education projects.
  3. Increase student participation in our work and on our committee.
  4. Develop an Arbor Day project/plan for student involvement on April 29th 2011.
  5. Explore possibility of planting native plants and flowers around campus rather than replanting them seasonally.
  6. Improve the website as a portal/clearing house for information.
  7. Develop and effective plan for increasing campus wide recycling.
  8. Develop a plan for reducing Manhattanville carbon emissions.
  9. Explore energy audit as a case for replacing windows in the Castle, Founders, Brownson, Benziger and other single pane windows.
  10. Complete Presidents' Climate Commitment reports.
  11. Look for and complete grant applications to fund our work.