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Student Highlights
Alexandra Montalbano

Alexandra MontalbanoSemester Abroad: Fall 2013, Roehampton University, London
Majors: Dance and Theatre & Communications
Class of 2015

I had my mind set on studying abroad prior to even applying to college. One of the main reasons I chose Manhattanville is the fact that it is still possible to study abroad as a double major.

Alexis Lanzillotti

Alexis LanzillottiSemester Abroad: Fall 2013, Barcelona, Spain
Majors: Economics and Political Science

Traveling has always been a passion of mine, even though before studying abroad I had barely traveled outside of my home state of New York.


Sarah Carbonneau

Sarah CarbonneauSemester Abroad: Fall 2013, Roehampton University, London
Majors: Creative Writing and Music

My sister studied abroad in New Zealand the semester before I was accepted to Roehampton's Study Abroad. And despite my saying that she had a wonderful time, she told me how difficult it was to...

Anthony DeSimone

BridgeSemester Abroad: Spring 2013
Major: Finance
Minor: Computer Science

Determining whether or not to study abroad has been one of the biggest decisions I’ve been faced with yet. Saint Augustine said “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”.

Joseph Fiddmont

Joseph Fiddmont in Paris Semester Abroad: Fall 2012
Major: Political Science
Minor: Philosophy

I had pretty much given up hope when I got the email that my passport finally arrived at the LA Consulate. I was already a week late for the program, and after another day I would of had to withdraw completely.

Amanda Banzy

Amanda Banzy Semester Abroad: Spring 2013
Major: World Religions
Minor: Asian Studies

As I got off the plane in Tel Aviv, I remembered one quote from the Torah: “One who walks four steps in Israel, his sins are forgiven.” One, sins came flooding into my head. Two, I’m going to need more than four steps.

Simone Evan

Simone Evan Semester Abroad: Spring 2013
Major: Sociology
Minor: Communications & Political Science

Spring semester of my junior year, I studied at Mahidol University International College in Bangkok, Thailand through Manhattanville’s cooperative program. Before my travels, I had never been to Asia, and did not know what to expect.

Maggie Mai

Maggie Mai by the Lake With DucksProgram: API-Buenos Aires, Argentina
Semester Abroad: Spring 2012
Major: International Studies
Minor: Spanish

In spring 2012, I study abroad in Argentina. Why did I choose Argentina as my host country? It was because the thought of traveling to a Latin American country never crossed my mind until I attended to a study abroad orientation...

Shelby Anderson

Shelby Anderson PerformingProgram: O’Niell Theatre Center/National Theatre Institute
Semester Abroad: Spring 2012
Major: Theatre
Minors: Sociology & Communication Studies

Russia and Connecticut…wait, what? Study abroad in Connecticut? That’s right. For the spring semester of 2012 I decided to study at the “exotic” National Theater Institute in Waterford, Connecticut...

Xinlei Yue (Harry)

Xinlei YueCountry: Beijing, China
Semester Abroad: Fall 2011 & Spring 2012
r: Finance

Minor: Art

Beijing, I was finally coming back for you!

The first two years of my college experience at Manhattanville College has been truly amazing, and I enjoy my college life very much here...

Julia Casazza

Julia Casazza Riding a CamelProgram: API-Barcelona, Spain
Semester Abroad: Fall 2011
Major: International Studies
Minor: Spanish

Barcelona. Barcelona. Even the name sounds magical, exotic, a dream that had been on my mind for years as I anticipated my semester abroad with emotions ranging from ecstasy to unmitigated fear. Would my Spanish studies provide me with...