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Requirements & Costs


Manhattanville College offers as part of its commitment to global and intercultural learning on Campus curriculum the possibility of an international study abroad experience.

All Study Abroad experiences seek to further the College's mission:

"to educate students to become ethically and socially responsible leaders for the global community".

While addressing and promoting its Four Values:

  1. academic excellence
  2. development of the whole person
  3. commitment to social awareness:­ special calling to service that compels us to give something of ourselves back to the community
  4. caring, personalized environment


1. Direct Exchange Agreement Programs:

Manhattanville College has several direct exchange agreements with universities in England, France, Ireland, Japan, and Puerto Rico. Students pay what they normally pay for tuition every semester at Manahttanville College (all institutional and federal money is available). Students are billed directly by their study abroad program/university and are responsible to pay the cost of the room and board of the host academic institution. 

Opportuniy is limited to only two students per year per exchange program! Highly competitive. 

2.Cooperative Programs:

Manhattanville encourages students, as part of its commitment to global and intercultural learning, to explore studying overseas. Regrettably, the school has limited spaces each year in its own cooperative programs and must employ highly competitive standards during the selection process. Priority is given to students who have never had a sustained global experience abroad. Lower priority is given to students who have already experienced living and studying abroad or outside the U.S. Interested Sophomore students should visit the Study Abroad Office soon and consult with the Director of the program in order to apply for travel the Junior year of study.

(Sites include but are not limited to: Galway, Rome, Florence, London, Oxford, Seville, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Prague, Moscow, Santiago, Jerusalem, Buenos Aires and Johannesburg.)

Students must have:

  • a minimum 3.2 GPA or better
  • Classified as a Junior or first semester Senior at the time of overseas study. Seniors in their final semester are NOT eligible.
  • a convincing rationale as evidenced by a broad spectrum of considerations
  • course concentration (Major)
  • cultural interests
  • extra curricular activities
  • successfully completed the First Portfolio writing requirement
  • approval of Portfolio by the Board on Academic Standards
  • completed at least ONE year of foreign language study as applicable to individual overseas program
  • a completed Study Abroad Application handed in by due date
  • Students pay Manhattanville College tuition

Cooperative Study Abroad Cost Information:

All students must pay Manhattanville tuition for the semester abroad.

Students are eligible to receive a maximum $10,000 of their Manhattanville aid towards the actual tuition cost of tuition at Manhattanville. All reminder balances on total cost of Manhattanville tuition must be paid to Manhattanville.

Federal and/or state aid and loans can be applied to the cost of the remaining balance of Manhattanville tuition. If outside funding exceeds the cost of Manhattanville tuition, students have access to the remainder of that money to use toward the housing (room & board) cost of the study abroad program.

Once students pay Manhattanville tuition, Manhattanville will pay the tuition cost of the student's study abroad tuition.

Students need to be aware of their financial commitment for room and board while abroad. All students are financially responsible to pay for the room and board costs of their study abroad program. Thus, there is no housing cost to Manhattanville for that semester abroad.

3.Non-Cooperative Study Abroad Cost Information:

A student may study abroad non-cooperatively for the following reasons:

1- If the student does not meet the requirements held by Manhattanville College study abroad;

2- It is financially beneficial for the student to opt for "non-cooperative status".

Non-Cooperative means that students are responsible for all costs of their study abroad program (tuition and housing fees). Student will be billed directly by the study abroad program. Manhattanville will not pay any program costs, thus there is no bill for any Manhattanville costs.

Students do have access to their federal and state aid, and also to personal loans in the non-cooperative status.

As with all students studying abroad, they must have the projected course schedule pre-approved by their advisor and/or department chairs for graduation purposes.