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Our direct exchange agreements are "equal number" of student and faculty exchanges per semester or annually.

Students pay what they normally pay for tuition every semester at Manahttanville College (all institutional and federal money is available) and are held to pay the cost of the room and board of the host academic institution.

Course titles from Manhattanville direct exchange programs appear on the Manhattanville College transcript and grades are calculated into the grade point average.

Cooperative and non-cooperative study are also available, see below.

England: A direct exchange agreement is offered through Roehampton University, in southwest London proper. The University has a broad range of expertise across the arts and humanities, social sciences and the human and life sciences, at the same time as maintaining its historic strength in education. http://www.roehampton.ac.uk/home/

France: A direct exchange program is offered through Universite Paul-Valery/Montpellier III, Montpellier, France. The program includes French proficiency courses in art history, French, sociology, literature/theatre, business, and economics. There is a pre-session for French Language Studies, too. Housing is arranged through Montpellier.
http://www.univ-montp3.fr/ri; http://www.univ-montp3.fr/

Go to: Etudiants > Venir à Montpellier sur programme > Programmes Anglophones

Ireland: A direct exchange agreement is offered through National University of Ireland, Maynooth a liberal arts academic institution located just 20 minutes outside of Dublin.

Japan : A direct exchange program is offered through Kansai-Gaidai University in Osaka, Keio University and the University of Sacred Heart, both located in Tokyo.

Kansai Gaidai:

General webpage for International Student Center:

Webpage for Room and Board costs:


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You can download the application forms at:

Programs for Exchange Students:

In addition to Japanese language study, coursework in English is offered in a variety of academic disciplines, including international business, art, political science, and history. Students are encouraged to stay with a Japanese host family.

Puerto Rico: A direct exchange program is offered through the University of Sacred Heart, in Santurce, Puerto Rico. Immersion in the Spanish language, Caribbean culture and Puerto Rico's relationship with Latin American and the United States is constitutive of this program of study, along with courses in education.



Participation in Manhattanville's "cooperative programs" for study abroad means that students pay Manhattanville tuition and are able to use most of their Manhattanville institutional aid as well as federal financial aid. Manhattanville aid will be re-calculated; individually based on available funds and the actual cost of the program. Students must be aware of their own financial commitment for room and board while studying abroad.

Course titles from Manhattanville cooperative programs appear on the Manhattanville College transcript and grades are calculated into the grade point average.

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For students who cannot meet the criteria of the cooperative programs, many "non-cooperative" possibilities exist. In contrast to Manhattanville's cooperative programs, students on non-cooperative programs are not able to take their Manhattanville institutional aid. Financing non-cooperative programs relies entirely on the student's federal or state financial aid and personal funds. Credits for non-cooperative programs will be issued as transfer credits only in block format; individual courses and grades will not appear on the transcript.

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View additional Study Abroad information in the Undergraduate Course Catalogue.

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