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Log Your Service Hours

How to register as a New Volunteer

Apply To Be A Volunteer! Fill out your profile and select the programs that you are interested in. By registering, you will set up an account and agree to our Volunteer Guidelines.

How to Log your Service Hours

Now that you have a profile and account:

  1. Choose Volunteer Job Opportunities that interest you and add them to your profile. You must add Volunteer Job Opportunities to your account before you can log any hours. You only need to add each job opportunity once.
  2. Enter Hours You Have Served You must log all completed service hours online. You must submit hours within ten (10) days of the experience otherwise your hours will be forfeited.

How to Complete an Independent Service Placement

  1. An Independent Service Placement (ISP) is a volunteer program that is independent of (not associated with) the Duchesne Center. A maximum of 10 ISP hours are allowed per semester.
  2. Contact a Duchesne Center Staff member to propose an ISP project.
  3. After you've obtained approval, download and complete the Agreement for Independent Service Placement.
  4. Complete your ISP hours.
  5. Obtain a letter of verification from your ISP on-site supervisor.
  6. Submit the agreement and verification letter to the Duchesne Center Office Managers.
  7. Add ISP job opportunity to your profile.
  8. Enter Hours You Have Served with your ISP program.


Call 914.323.5447 or visit us in Founders Gallery. You can also email us at duchesne@mville.edu