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Duchesne Scholarship

Manhattanville College offers incoming students with leadership, community service and/or social justice experience the opportunity to apply for the Duchesne Center Scholarship.  The mission of Manhattanville College is to educate students to become ethically and socially responsible leaders in a global community.  This mission is rooted in the four core values of Manhattanville’s founders:

  • Academic excellence and deep respect for intellectual values.

  • Development of the whole person-mind-body and spirit- in an atmosphere of responsible freedom.

  • Building a caring, compassionate, nurturing community, founded on mutual respect and accountability for individual actions.

  • A special commitment to social awareness and a moral obligation to educate students about the role they can play in improving their community and the world around them.

By offering scholarships of $2,000, we reward those students who will continue on the service path, while also advancing our values and missions.

Application Deadline

  • Priority Deadline: March 15

    Scholarship decisions will be announced via email on Friday,  April 4, 2014 for those applications submitted by the priority deadline.

  • Final Deadline: April 15

    Scholarship decisions will be announced via email on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 for those applications submitted by April 15, 2014.

  • All applications received after the deadline of April 15 will be placed on a waiting list.

Application Criteria

  • You must be an incoming student not yet enrolled at Manhattanville College.

  • Submit a complete application, indicating at least two activities where you had a significant experience of community service, leadership, or civic engagement.

  • Upload a two page essay - double spaced describing the relevant activities you have been involved in, what was meaningful to you about these activities and why you feel that service to the community is important.

  • One letter of recommendation – Please ask your reference to comment on things such as: your character, personal qualities, and special interests; how well you worked in the specified activity; your attitude towards serving others; your reliability and your potential for leadership.


Requirements to maintain your scholarship

  • Completion of 30 service hours per semester, (hours may be completed in a variety of activities, but 20 hours must be through the Duchesne Center).

  • Attend required meetings, orientations, and mandatory events such as: Culture Shock! Week, Global Week, and the Annual Duchesne Recognition Dinner.

  • Set up and Log your service hours throughout the semester.

  • Sign in at each event attended.

  • Submit a reflection project / essay each semester.

  • All Scholars must print, sign and hand in pdfVolunteer Service Agreement EACH and EVERY semester to recieve their Duchesne Scholarship.


Duchesne Scholarship Application Form (for Students)

Duchesne Scholarship Recommendation Form (for Recommenders)