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Duchesne Scholars for the last three years

Spring 2014


IMG 4205I'm Sarah Joy Consiglio. Aside from student coordinating Dream-Catchers, I work as a resident advisor on campus, a peer portfolio advisor, and a tutor for ESOL students at White Plains High School. I am an English major with a minor in Spanish, while simultaneously completing my Masters in education as a student in Manhattanville's five year education program. I am also a member of Manhattanville Dance Ensemble and will be dancing in Disney World with the group for the third time this may!

I'm Laura DeLuca. I am a Psychology major and Sociology and Dance minor. While student coordinating Dream-Catchers, I also work as a peer portfolio advisor, a tutor in various Psychology courses, and a research assistant for two studies conducted by professors on campus. This coming Fall 2014 semester, I plan on studying abroad in Barcelona with the IES program, to further my studies and conduct my own cross-cultural research. I am a member of Manhattanvile's Dance Troupe and will also be performing in Disney World for the third year in a row! 

As juniors at Manhattanville College, we have been Duchesne Scholars for the last three years and have now been the student coordinators of Dream-Catchers for two years.  We founded the program, under the supervision of Craig Donnelly, in the Fall of 2012 with a grant from United Way of Westchester written by Fr. Wil .  Once a week, we host 10-20 young adults with various intellectual, physical, and behavioral disabilities, who range in age from 19-22.  The purpose of our program is for the young adults, most of whom do not have the opportunity to attend college, to be a part of a college community and connect with students of the same age. 

Coming to Manhattanville allows them to experience social acceptance, participate in activities that college students take part in, and develop and improve their social skills.  Through the program we have formed important and meaningful friendships, while witnessing the incredible personal growth amongst the group of students.  Our activities include Zumba, theatre and acting, art activities, going to the game zone, the school bookstore, touring campus, and eating in the cafeteria.  This variety is significant as it lets each of the students recognize their strengths and enjoy many different activities.  Having the same students attend for two years has prompted us to establish close bonds and develop an incredible care for each of the students’ lives, both in and out of the program.  We have the highest hopes for the continuance of our program in the future.