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Gabriella C. Barnes

Gabriella BarnesThis year I was thrilled to be a student coordinator for one of my favorite Duchesne programs- C.E.T.A!  C.E.T.A.is short for Creative Expression Through Art and with this program children learn by experiencing art first hand. By showing them various art works, the students start to focus on their usage of colors, lines, textures and more. The participants are soon engaged in different mediums and different types of art. Working with clay, watercolors, paints, and other mediums allows the class to be both exciting and educational. Various mediums also give them a chance to explore modes of art as well as their own hidden talent. Throughout the year I have been collecting the children’s artwork and have managed to produce for them their own exhibit. From May 11-18th, the C.E.T.A., “Meet the Artists”, was displayed in the Berman Student Center. May 18th at 2pm was the Opening with Children. The Duchesne Center is a great place that inspires not only volunteers but also the community. The Center gives back so much more than any amount of hours that our college can count. The Duchesne Center promotes encouragement, determination, a safe haven and much more. During my freshman year, I participated more in All Soul’s Soup Kitchen and Midnight Run, but found my passion with the “artisits” from C.E.T.A.