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Neftali Boyer

Neftali BoyerBeing a Duchesne Scholar has been one of the most rewarding accomplishments during my stay at Manhattanville College. My experience as a scholar has demonstrated to me how valuable individuals are who are willing to help. In volunteering there is no discrimination against anyone. My experience, as a whole working along the Duchesne Center, can be sum up with the great success I had over in Ecuador where three other Scholars and I lived with an indigenous community. Given the opportunity to interact with a culture whose rituals were completely different from mine helped me understand the importance of openness and made me more curious to learn more about other cultures. In society we are continuously surrounded by stereotypes that are products of xenophobia. Travelling to a foreign country helped me grow personally and intellectually. This is what the Duchesne Center's mission is all about- obligated in providing the education and encouragement so that students can involve themselves in community.

Neftali Boyer Standing In Front Of HillsThe role of this grandiose institution is to give wings to those individuals who are willing to enter the community and provide help for the sake of personal fulfillment and joy, and intellectual understanding. I am very grateful for being a Duchesne Scholar. As I will seek to be an anthropologist, it has given me the foundations to be involved in the global community.