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Religion & Spirituality

 For Local Religious Services see the "Duchesne Highlights" page.


Director of Duchesne Center for religion & social justice; Catholic Chaplain & Interfaith Coordinator:

Fr. Wil Tyrrell, S.A. | 914.323.7178 | wil.tyrrell@mville.edu 

 Muslim Chaplain & MSA Advisor:

Kristina Hernandez  914-323-5341  kristina.hernandez@mville.edu

Protestant Chaplain & Advisor:

Rev. Gawain deLeeuw  gawain@gmail.com


Guided by the principle that each religious tradition is an equally valued part of our community, religious and spiritual programs support the multi-faith spiritual life of all religious and philisophical traditions present at Manhattanville College.

The Religion & Spirituality program is a "confluence" -- a coming together of many perspectives and traditions and voices, into a common framework and forum. The Manhattanville College community has a variety of options for expressing themselves, and sharing their beliefs, insights, and traditions.[1]

The Challenge to the Global Community of Religions. "In this new ecological age of developing global community and interfaith dialogue, the world religions face what is perhaps the greatest challenge that they have ever encountered. Each is inspired by a unique vision of the divine and has a distinct cultural identity. At the same time, each perceives the divine as the source of unity and peace. The challenge is to preserve their religious and cultural uniqueness without letting it operate as a cause of narrow and divisive sectarianism that contradicts the vision of unity and peace. It is a question of whether the healing light of religious vision will overcome the social and ideological issues that underline much of the conflict between religions."[1]


Catholic Student Association- (CSA) meets every Sunday at 5:30PM for Bible and Catholic Studies           

Catholic Mass: every Sunday at 6PM in the O'Byrne Chapel.                           All are Welcome.

Jewish Student Association- (JSA) meets every Wednesday at 2:30 PM in the Dammann Pit.                                                              All are Welcome!

Muslim Student Association- (MSA) meets every Thursday at 8PM in the Founder's Mosque (Rm 235).                                                                                 Jummah Prayer: Friday's at 1:20 PM Founder's Mosque- Rm 235.                 All are Welcome!

Christian Fellowship- (CF)  meets every Wednesday at 8PM and Sunday at 6PM in the Students' Center Music Room.                         All are Welcome!

 Mindfulness Meditation

Tuesdays:        Spellman Sacred Spcae 9am.

Wednesdays:    Zen Meditation at Empty Hand Zendo/New Rochelle. Leave Spellman at 6.30PM.

Thursdays:        Spellman Sacred Space from 3-4PM.

YOGA:      Spellman Sacred Space with Hatha Instructor Julie Broglin.

Mondays:   1PM

Tuesday:    6:30PM

Wednesdays:  5:30-6:30PM and &-8PM.


  • To connect people of diverse faiths and philosophies who want to work with others to build a better world through concrete civic projects
  • To promote awareness that all humanity lives from diverse religious and spiritual traditions and philosophies that foster human flourishing and respect for the environment.


  • Support interfaith dialogue and opportunities for philosophical debate, sharing, and critique
  • Educate and expose students to the richness of other traditions
  • Create an environment of unity that is peaceful, engaging, and understanding
  • Collaborate with others on projects and programs that make direct and positive impacts on individuals and local communities

The Center is responsible for coordinating interfaith activities by promoting religious services and prayer experiences, by sponsoring interdisciplinary lectures and events, providing pastoral counseling and advising religious clubs run by students of various faith traditions. Guided by the principle that each religious tradition is an equally valued part of our community, interfaith programs support the multi-faith spiritual life of all religious traditions present at Manhattanville. Religion & Spirituality programs & experiences include:

  • Campus Ministry
  • Health & Wellness
  • Religion and Spirituality
  • Interfaith Activities
  • Lectures & Seminars
  • Religious Services
  • Campus Ministry
  • Catholic Student Association (CSA)

Catholic Student Association (CSA)  takes responsibility for planning the campus Sunday mass and special liturgies and events for feast days. Students serve as lectures and Eucharistic Ministers at mass, plan and perform the music for mass, and develop days of reflection for students and staff.

Jewish Student Association (JSA)

JSA sponsors Shabbat dinners at the President's House, celebration of major Jewish Holidays and the annual Seder. The group meets weekly with the campus rabbi.

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

MSA sponsors weekly prayer and discussion groups as well as celebrations of major Islamic holidays including an Iftar Dinner during Ramadan and celebration of Eid-al-Fitr. Events include lectures on issues and topics related to Islam throughout the year.

Spanglish Praise

A student initiative of Christian Praise, Bible Study, Personal Witness and Fellowship. All Christians are welcome to this interdenominational bilingual praise service.

 Christian Fellowship (CF)

Christian Fellowship is an ecumenical group that meets regularly to plan interfaith events and opportunities for students to explore their spiritual lives. Among their activities are an annual trip, open to all students, to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. for mass, and develop days of reflection for students and staff.

Gospel Choir(GC)

GC is a student run program that seeks to express its Christian faith through song and prayer. All Christians are welcome to praise God in song.


 Health & Wellness

  • Yoga. This program will introduce Manhattanville students to the Sivananda Vedanta Yoga tradition within Hinduism. A certified instructor will lead the program over a four to six-week session.
  • Zen Meditation. Zen Teacher Susan Ji-on Postal of the Empty Han Zendo in New Rochelle will lead Zen meditation classes over a four-week session.

Students travel to the Zendo in New Rochelle for lessons.

Interfaith Activities

Annual Interfaith Assembly Dinner. This is an annual religious event where students, faculty and invited religious leaders come together to share a meal. Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, and Muslims are represented. This event celebrated Manhattanville's religious plurality and seeks to integrate spirituality and academics.

Various student clubs co-sponsor events to highlight and share religion and spirituality: NYC Spiritualities Trip visiting NYC's Houses of Worship; debates and lectures; open prayer experiences; community service and service learning trips; and Wiccan services during the year.

Membership in and with local and national ecumenical and interfaith organizations and agencies.

Lectures & Seminars

African Traditional Religions and World Religions. Three lectures on themes such as African Islam, African Christianity, and African Traditional Religions.

Commonweal Magazine Lecture & Dinner Series. Nationally known Catholic scholars present a lecture on Campus. Provided by the Commonweal; A Review of Religion, Politics and Culture.

Liberation Theologies. Panel and discussion featuring three theologians from various religious traditions addressing their particular approach to theologies of liberations.

Spirituality Series: Earth & Cosmic Based Spiritualities.

[1] Dr. Steven C. Rockefeller, Middlebury College, Spirit and Nature, p. 169