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Global Citizenship

Coordinator: Wil Tyrrell with the help and cooperation of students, student clubs, faculty and departments.

Interested! contact    wil.tyrrell@mville.edu

 Global Citizenship programs inspire a spirit of community through the celebration of culture and the promotion of positive, meaningful relationships across group lines. Through the sharing of ideas we are inspired to examine our own concepts, develop our thinking and create new perspectives. In a community, we strive to create an environment where we can disagree without being destructive. Global Citizenship programs and experiences include:

  • Programs to promote dialogue between and within group lines
  • Free Speech Alley
  • Collaboration with cultural student orgs.
  • Café Conversations
  • Cultural & Community Celebrations
  • LGBTQ Programs, Women's Month
  • Black History, Hispanic Heritage
  • Human Rights & Social Justice Programs
  • International Film Series
  • The Body Project
  • United Nations NGO Status and visits; related programs
  • International Service Learning Trips

The Global Citizenship program serves as a catalyst for creating an informed community through use of its resource library, programming, and the encouragement of collaboration amongst student organizations, academic departments, administrative offices, and community groups.

Community is "common unity." It is the grounding - the root from which we branch out and develop. When the community is healthy, the individual feeds the collective and the collective nurtures the individual. At some point, each person must make a decision to be connected. The Global Citizenship program aims to encourage students to choose to connect to each other, themselves, their culture and the broader campus.

Manhattanville College is a community from across the globe and down the street. Students come from various socioeconomic classes, ethnicities, religions, sexual & gender identities, and physical abilities. We bring a myriad of experiences, perspectives, values and goals.



United Nations Prorams: Drop in Sessions & Debriefing. Founders G-20 1:30PM.


Free Speech Alley: Explore, Define an Issue of importance, and Express Your Ideas in Friendly Debate. 5:30-6:30PM Spellman Lounge.


United Nations Trip: Students interested in visiting and participating in UN events need to contact Wil Tyrrell on the Tuesday before for ID purposes to enter the UN on Thursdays. Leave M'ville at 8am and return by 1:30PM.


  • Consistently communicate the College's objective to create a "diverse campus community whose members know, care about, and support each other and embrace opportunities to engage in the world beyond Manhattanville"
  • Develop an inclusive understanding of diversity
  • Recruit and retain a diverse student body


  • Sponsor lectures and events to enhance awareness and understanding
  • Present programs addressing human rights issues domestically and internationally
  • Provide students with opportunities to actively engage in human rights advocacy
  • Collaborate with students organizations to emphasize the importance and value of inclusion
  • Cultivate diversity and celebrate differences by sponsoring special programs and cultural heritage events
  • In conjunction with Admissions and Academic Resource Programs, actively recruit students of color
  • Retain international students and students of color through diversity programming