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Academic/Service-Learning programs integrate service with reciprocal learning, critical thinking, social analysis and personal reflection to promote responsible, ethical citizenship.

Academic/Service-Learning programs and experiences include:

  • 4th Credit Option (visit site to the left)
  • First Year Seminar Assistant

The ASL program supports educational activities, programs, and curricula (carried out in partnership with a public or non-profit agency, organization, or project in the community) that promote student learning through experiences associated with community service and civic engagement.

ASL experiences and opportunities incorporate both curricular and co-curricular service-learning. Curricular Service-Learning is integrated into an academic course and carries academic credit. Co-curricular Service-Learning complements academic work, but is not directly connected to a course or academic program and does not carry academic credit.


  • Integrate what students are learning in the classroom with experiential learning and service outside of the classroom
  • Have students develop their service skills while exploring the underlying issues that face the agencies and clients they serve and develop resolutions for these issues
  • Work with faculty in their role as facilitators to have students reflect on service experiences and the academic links they discover in the classroom and through their service


  • Seek opportunities with agencies that complement coursework and meet the requirements for service learning
  • Recruit faculty willing to include a service component to their courses
  • Work with community partners, faculty and students to establish service learning objectives