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Leadership & Social Responsibility

Leadership & Social Responsibility are at the center of our mission and assists students with service opportunities to enhance their effectiveness as agents of change. All of the activities coming from our four core areas and through the Duchesne Center have leadership and social responsibility as individual learning skills to enhance the people and communities in which and with which we work. Our four core area experiences connect voluntary action with global concerns and economic realities in pursuit of conflict resolution, equity, equality, and quality of life for all individuals resulting in all members of society having the same basic rights, security, opportunities, obligations and social benefits.

The pursuit of leadership and social responsibility as integral to our four core areas incorporates the following elements:

Adequate Training - Student volunteers are adequately prepared for the tasks they will perform. Roles and responsibilities of students, staff, schools, parents, the community, and organizations are clear and agreed upon by all participants. Intended service outcomes are defined in collaboration with those being served.

Meaningful Service - Service performed meets a real need. Community agency staff and/or recipients of service are consulted about the nature and scope of their needs and way students can address them. The service learning experience is designed to be sensitive to developmental levels, gender, multi-cultural issues, and individual learning styles.

Leadership Development - Volunteers take responsibility for development and management of volunteer programs and service experiences. Service integrates individual accountability with cooperative group work through skills development, initiative games, reflection, celebration, and application of learning in new situations to foster appreciation of all peoples.

Structured Reflection & Recognition - Opportunities for reflection are included throughout the service experience so that students "learn how to learn from experience."


  • Develop student competencies for effective leadership, organization and communication skills
  • Develop a sense of civic responsibility and commitment to community through civic engagement
  • To understand one's responsibilities and rights when performing service and other activities as a Duchesne participant
  • To facilitate students to become Duchesne Ambassadors


  • Generate thoughts regarding leadership concepts and styles, goal setting, time management, conflict resolution, ethics, and values
  • Train students how to communicate, motivate, and collaborate effectively with peers
  • Recruit faculty, staff, and alumni as mentors for emerging student leaders
  • Research and implement best practice strategies for student service leadership
  • Provide opportunities to attend workshops as well as local and national conferences
  • Broaden historical knowledge, so that past events provide a context and foundation for present community-based advocacy and problem solving
  • Broaden civic knowledge, including the study of structures and processes of government and the responsibilities of citizenship