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Mission Statement

The Duchesne Center for Religion and Social Justice is the heart of community service/service learning at Manhattanville. Although not all of Mville's service programs are run by the Duchesne Center, it does coordinate many of them.

The Center serves to facilitate, educate, and encourage student involvement in community outreach, cultural, leadership, and spiritual initiatives across the Manhattanville College campus and beyond. Our service experiences and programs are tightly linked to our academic curriculum to ensure students are building the intellectual framework and acquiring the skills to make them effective and responsible members of their communities.

The Duchesne Center endeavors to create a climate in which all Manhattanville College members will value:

  • A sensitivity to appreciate the differences among us
  • A heightened awareness and understanding of social justice issues and their responsibility for taking a leadership role in local as well global community issues
  • A deeper sensitivity of, appreciation for, and interest in the components and challenges inherent being a global citizen
  • A deeper understanding of, appreciation for, and involvement in the spiritual, religious dimensions, and philosophies of life that promote human flourishing and community building
  • A critical and creative analysis of their civic engagement experiences and the concerns of the diverse communities to which we serve.
  • We aim to provide Manhattanville students with opportunities that actualize the College's mission. The profile of an "ethically and socially responsible citizen" is a student who:
  • Is perceptive and cooperative in the area of human relations
  • Exhibits a sense of self-worth and encourages it in others
  • Desires to learn about and respect differences in people and cultures
  • Endeavors to promote unity
  • Criticizes, when necessary, in a constructive way and when possible, suggests alternatives or solutions;
  • Demonstrates and inspires in others awareness, involvement, and leadership skills through service and civic activities and
  • Aspires to support and embody the College's mission.