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Carolyn Lawler

Spring 2012

LawlerCarolyn 150x130My name is Carolyn Lawler and during the spring 2012 semester at Manhattanville College I took a Graphics Design class. Since I am a member of the Castle Scholars Honors program, I thought it would be an exciting experience to combine my Graphic Design class with my 4th credit service option by revamping a local church bulletin.

I was born and raised in Stamford, Connecticut, and my family has been members of Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish for over two decades. Week after week while looking at an out-dated, cluttered and plain newsletter, I was interested in setting up a more modern and updated, reader-friendly template to send out the parish's weekly bulletin on.

My first step was to create a new logo/header of the church for the bulletin on the Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator programs that I had available in the MAC computer lab on campus. There were several other changes that I enacted including altering the size of the mass intentions box, sharpening sponsors' logos, and the overall organization and structure of the bulletin was simplified. I firmly believe that this update on the bulletin will help parishioners become more interested in reading about the parish community news. My goal was for the bulletin to positively reflect the overall nature and ideology of Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish.