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Jeanette LeBlanc

Fall 2011

Duschene Jeanette 130x150My name is Jeanette LeBlanc and in the fall 2011 semester, I took part in the 4th credit option in conjunction with the class "Introduction to Nonprofit Management and Finance".

For a Castle Scholar, like myself, the 4th credit option is one of the choices scholars have that will complete part of the Castle Scholar program requirements. As a management major concentrating in marketing, I am always looking for different ways to engage in practical learning, so I jumped at the 4th credit opportunity. The class I chose to work with, "Introduction to Nonprofit Management and Finance," is a class that falls under the Museum Studies category. Due to the nature of the class, I worked with the Art History Department to secure a volunteer internship with a museum doing marketing related work. The museum I came to work with was the Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum in the Bronx, NY.

At Bartow-Pell, I became accustomed to the history associated with the Museum and how that history was incorporated with the Museum's previous marketing communications publications. As part of my job, I maintained the Museum's Facebook fan page, created a Twitter page, created a Hootsuite account to integrate all social media efforts, developed emails in Constant Contact and worked on creating designs that were needed for publications. I learned valuable information from working with Bartow-Pell, because as a nonprofit organization, they operate differently from a for-profit organization. I was excited to bring this knowledge back into the classroom and discuss it with my like-minded peers.

The Museum puts on a variety of programs every week, and it was encouraging to see the new and regular Bartow-Pell visitors responding to my digital efforts. In addition, the director of Bartow-Pell reached out to me in early December stating that a grant proposal she was working on was very interested in the social media progress.

After working with the Museum for four months, I really felt connected to their mission and their community. I enjoyed my work so much that I offered to stay on as a volunteer in the coming spring 2012 semester. I am excited to continue my work with the Museum, and look forward to furthering the Museum's progress by utilizing social media. I encourage you to visit their website (www.bpmm.org) as well as their Facebook and Twitter pages to get a real feel as to what the museum is about.