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4th Credit Option

pdf4th Credit Option Contract

The 4th Credit Option awards students one additional credit for performing 40 hours of civic engagement activities and service that is linked to a course. Under this option students may earn up to three credits during their college career that may be used as electives toward graduation.

The 4th Credit Option for ACADEMIC SERVICE LEARNING allows students to integrate their academic studies with service to disadvantaged and underserved individuals or groups in the community or the environement with a particular academic course. Together with the instructor of the 4th Credit option course, the professor of the course and with a supervisor at the site, students are challenged to find the connection between academic content of a course and experiential learning at a site.

The 4th Credit Option for ACADEMIC SERVICE LEARNING consists of a student's commitment to 40 hours per semester, BEYOND CLASSROOM TIME for the following:

  • 30 hours of service-learning;
  • setting and meeting learning goals agreed upon by the student, the agency and the professor;
  • attending an initial orientation and weekly journal entries on Blackboard; 
  • participating in TWO discussion sessions with director of Duchesne:  a mid-semester Reflection and assignments and the Final Presentation and Project; (4 hrs.)
  • COMPLETION OF A FINAL PROJECT. (6 hrs. research)

The goals of the program are to provide students the opportunity to:

  • Integrate coursework and experiential learning through service, research, and volunteering
  • Reflect, with peers, staff and faculty, on experiences and academic links discovered through their civic engagement
  • Develop critical analytical skills while exploring underlying problems that face agencies and communities served.
  • Seeking and suggesting solutions for tranformative change.

Basic Requirements

Meet with Wil Tyrrell and complete the service-learning contract no later than Thursday, Sept. 12, 2014with faculty sign off.

To successfully fulfill the 4th Credit Option requirements, complete the following by Dec. 5, 2014:

  • 30 hours of service at a site(s) researched by the student and approved by the faculty and Duchesne Center Coordinator.

Three mandatory meetings: 4 hours total.

  • Attendance with other 4th Credit Option participants at an Orientation (Sept.14 at 7:15PM); Mid-term Reflection Session (Oct. 26, Sunday at 7:15PM); and, the Final Reflection Meeting (Sunday,  Dec. 5 at 5PM);

6 hours of research are required to complete the 40 hour requirement for the 4th Credit Option.

  • Submission of weekly hours served and logged in through the Duchesne Center within 10 days of completing the service or project;
  • Weekly journal entries on Blackboard;
  • A final project approved by the Duchesne Center Coordinator and faculty member.

Contact Wil Tyrrell at the Duchesne Center or wil.tyrrell@mville.edu